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Top CEO’s make more in hours than you all year

New statistics show that there are many business executives in Canada who-in this first few days of the new year, have already earned far more than most Canadians do in the whole year. In fact, by lunch time on Monday,» 

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CEO salaries: 193 times higher than yours.

By the time you read this, 100 of Canada’s top CEO’s will already have earned more than the average working Canadian’s entire yearly salary. It’s a new record for Canadian CEO compensation. In fact, for the 98 men and two» 

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High CEO salaries, is greater taxation the answer?

An annual survey of Canada’s top 100 CEO’s shows that by lunchtime on the first working day of the new year, they had already earned the equivalent of the yearly salary of the average Canadian worker. The Canadian Centre for Policy» 

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How human nature inflates CEO salaries

It seems that when we hear of CEO salaries, they are huge.  But, how do they get that way? Two Toronto researchers noticed that CEO salaries in the past few decades have been increasing much faster than the general level» 

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Within year’s first four hours top CEOs made a Canadian’s annual salary

Just after lunchtime on January 2, the first day of work for many Canadians, Canada’s top 100 CEOs made what the average Canadian earns in an entire year, according to a paper released by the progressive think tank, the Canadian»