Fewer Canadians giving more to charity: report

“We’re delighted to say that Canada is an incredibly generous nation,” says Bruce MacDonald president and CEO of Imagine Canada, a non-profit that works to strengthen Canadian charities. “Annually, over $14 billion is given by individual citizens to charities so» 


Charitable giving declines in Canada: report

Taking inflation into account, Canadians donated seven per cent less to charities in 2015 than they did in 2006, according to a new report. That represented a drop of about 600 million dollars. The proportion of Canadian families which made» 


Canadians urged to take part in Giving Tuesday

After four days of intense shopping activity, Canadians are being asked to make charitable donations of goods, time or money on what has come to be known as Giving Tuesday. This giving campaign began in the United States in 2012»