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Directive aims to cut the number of children in immigration detention

The Canadian government has announced measures to help keep children out of immigration detention and keep families together “as much as humanly possible.” Refugee claimants may be held in detention in cases where they are unidentified, considered to be a» 


Advice on parents’ attachment to children in daycare

In 2011, more than half of Canadian parents used child care services for their children under 4 years old, according to government statistics. The trend is increasingly common as more women join the work force. But along with that, many» 


Grandmothers tell gripping stories of AIDS in Africa

Millions orphaned By 2001 there were 7.5 million children orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and, in a new book, African grandmothers tell what happened and Canadian grandmothers tell how it moved them and what they did to help. Canadian» 

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Games can reduce racial bias in the young: study

Computer games can help very young children overcome implicit biases they have against people of unfamiliar races, according to a study by researchers at the University of Toronto and international colleagues. “These kinds of biases are automatic biases that children» 


How young is too young for a smartphone?

As Canadian children get ready for the imminent return to school, many parents are wondering at what age it is appropriate to give them a smartphone. In the U.S., there is one online campaign to discourage smartphone use until children» 

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Beware of posting children’s photos online, warns tech author

A recent U.K. study suggests more than half of parents avoid posting photos of their children online, but previous research found some parents post almost one thousand images by the time a child is five year old. Publishing a child’s» 

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Parents influence children’s activity, weight levels

Government statistics show that parents influence how active their children are and their chances of being overweight or obese. The numbers show that for every 20 minute increase in the activity of a parent, a child’s physical activity will go» 

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UNICEF flags poor health, violence among Canadian children

The United Nations Children’s Fund ranks Canada 25th out of 41 wealthy countries in child and youth well-being on its latest global report card, a spot that has not changed much in the last decade. UNICEF wants Canada to invest» 

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Children of imprisoned Saudi blogger make a video plea

The three children of Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi appear in a video asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help get their father’s release from prison. Badawi is not a Canadian, but his wife and three children now live in» 

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Kids and screen time: new limits recommended

Electronic screens are becoming omnipresent in today’s society. Decades ago there was worry that children were spending too much time in front of the TV, really the only screen at the time. That of course is still a worry, but»