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Children’s physical inactivity at ‘crisis levels’: report

Children in Canada and many parts of the world are not moving enough to maintain healthy growth and development, according to a global report by the non-profit, Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance. The report blames increased screen time, urbanization and» 


Tens of thousands of Yemeni children dead from hunger, disease

A leading aid group estimates that 85,000  young children have died of hunger and disease in Yemen since the start of civil war in 2015. The United Nations says more than 1.3 million children have suffered from severe acute malnutrition» 


Children ‘bombarded’ with junk food ads on apps

New research has found that three-quarters of children in Canada are exposed to food and beverage ads on social media 111 times per week and most ads are for unhealthy foods. These are foods that are ultra-processed and are high» 

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Halloween: reducing risks for children

October 31 is the day many children go door to door collecting candy and other treats but, at the same time, they increase their risk of having a traffic accident. The sun sets just before 6pm in most big Canadian» 


Fluoride in pregnant women shows water is the primary source

A new study suggests fluoride levels in the urine of pregnant women are twice as high for those living in Canadian cities which add fluoride to the water. This matter is of concern since a Mexican study found an association» 

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Today’s kids are not ‘physically literate’

A new and extensive research study of thousands of Canadian children found that generally Canadian children are not doing well when it comes to “physical literacy”. More than just a measure of physical fitness, this is a Canadian-inspired concept which» 

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Breakfast emphasized for back to school

Children are now heading back to school after a couple of months of summer vacation and dietitians are reminding people how important it is for them to have a nutritious breakfast. Often both parents work and mornings are very rushed,» 

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Rohingya refugees include thousands of children violently orphaned

More than 6,000 Rohingya children in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh are unaccompanied children who face risks of hunger, exploitation and abuse, warns the aid agency Save the Children. The agency interviewed 139 children and found 70 per» 

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Aid groups warn of ‘war on children’ in battle for Yemen’s main port

Humanitarian aid groups are warning of a dangerous escalation of fighting in the western Yemeni city of Hodeidah that threatens the lives of thousands of children caught in the crossfire of the battle for the country’s main port. The Houthi» 

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Syrian ‘children used and abused’ far too long, says UN official

The United Nations has verified that more than 7,000 children have died or been injured in the Syrian conflict but it says unverified numbers are “way beyond 20,000” reports Canadian Press. Virginia Gamba is the special representative for children in»