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357M children live in areas affected by war: report

One in every six children, or nearly 357 million, are now living in areas affected by conflict, according to a new report released by Save the Children ahead of a global security conference in southern Germany. That’s a 75-per-cent increase» 

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Canada pledges millions to end use of child soldiers in Sudan

The Canadian government has pledged $3.1million for a project to help end the recruitment of child soldiers in South Sudan. The money will be used by the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative. Efforts made through the security sector The organization» 

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Children increasingly targeted in war: UNICEF appeals for help

Children are not just innocent casualties of conflict, but increasingly they are deliberately targeted, says UNICEF. This United Nations agency devoted to helping children makes the point as it launches this year’s appeal for $3.5 billion US to help 48» 


Co-parenting advice offered in new book

An estimated 1.2 million Canadian parents were no longer in a spousal or common-law relationship with their child’s mother or father in 2011, according to government statistics. Co-parenting their children can be difficult and fraught with emotion and perhaps conflict.» 


Danger, disadvantage for children in digital world: UNICEF

UNICEF says one in three internet users worldwide is a child and too little is done to protect them online or increase safe access.  A new report says that governments and the private sector have not kept up with the» 


Facebook app for kids raises questions

Controversy has swirled around Facebook’s new messaging app for children now available in the U.S. and likely coming soon to Canada and other countries. Facebook promotes the app as a way “for kids to safety video chat and message with» 

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New website helps parents guide grieving children

Parents often want to shield their children from death and dying but studies show it is best to be open and honest to help them cope. A new website offers advice on how to start the conversation, what words to» 

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Directive aims to cut the number of children in immigration detention

The Canadian government has announced measures to help keep children out of immigration detention and keep families together “as much as humanly possible.” Refugee claimants may be held in detention in cases where they are unidentified, considered to be a» 


Advice on parents’ attachment to children in daycare

In 2011, more than half of Canadian parents used child care services for their children under 4 years old, according to government statistics. The trend is increasingly common as more women join the work force. But along with that, many» 


Grandmothers tell gripping stories of AIDS in Africa

Millions orphaned By 2001 there were 7.5 million children orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and, in a new book, African grandmothers tell what happened and Canadian grandmothers tell how it moved them and what they did to help. Canadian»