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Mosul children haunted by memories of devastation and violence: report

“I wake up and I witness war everyday,” says 10-year-old Rahaf who lost her parents and her younger sister along with 10 other members of her extended family in a missile strike in her native Mosul last year. “I don’t» 

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U.S. separation of families sparks call for Canadian action

The outrage over the United States separating asylum-seeking parents from their children has elicited a demand that Canada rescind a refugee agreement it has with the U.S. The Safe Third Country Agreement stipulates that anyone who comes to an official» 


School’s out, keep the kids busy, advises author

Schools close in June for summer vacation in Canada and younger children often go to day camps that may involve sports, music, computer skills, drama or other activities. Most parents get only two or three weeks of vacation which they» 

Health, Society

Poverty affects one in five children in Canada, says UN charity

Canada may be a wealthy country, but 20 per cent of its children and youth live in poverty, says UNICEF Canada, and it is asking Canadians to help. ‘Shocking for a country as wealthy’ “It’s something which is shocking for» 

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Myopia in young linked to lack of time spent outdoors

Nearsightedness among children is going up around the world and a recent study has found the rate to be six per cent among Canadian children aged six to eight, and 28.9 per cent among those between 11 and 13. Untreated» 

Famous foals to be named by children

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has invited children across the country to take part in an annual contest to name horses that might one day be part of its famous Musical Ride. The ride is a formal event performed» 

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Game teaches online privacy to children

A non-profit digital literacy organization has developed a new game to teach children how to protect their privacy in a fun way. Recent news about Facebook has made people aware that their private information is being mined and used extensively» 

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Syria: ‘Fresh levels of horror’ decried

There has been a 45 per cent increase in casualties across Syria since the creation of four “de-escalation zones,” says the aid agency Save the Children Canada. It is calling on Canada and other countries to press for an end» 

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357M children live in areas affected by war: report

One in every six children, or nearly 357 million, are now living in areas affected by conflict, according to a new report released by Save the Children ahead of a global security conference in southern Germany. That’s a 75-per-cent increase» 

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Canada pledges millions to end use of child soldiers in Sudan

The Canadian government has pledged $3.1million for a project to help end the recruitment of child soldiers in South Sudan. The money will be used by the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative. Efforts made through the security sector The organization»