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What is Canada doing to protect the environment? Read RCI’s reports

Is Canada doing enough to protect the environment? Read RCI’s recent reports on policies, decisions and propositions of the Canadian political and justice systems in issues related to climate change and environmental protection. Climate Week NYC By Marc Montgomery,Tuesday 19 September,» 

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Climate Week NYC

A gathering involving a substantial and varied group of interested parties, including some Canadian politicians and stakeholders, is meeting all this week in New York City. The week long series of events coincides with the major political gathering at the» 

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Shocking decline of Canadian wildlife

Half of vertebrate species in Canada are in decline Most Canadians and most of the people around the world think of Canada as a country with great regions of pristine wilderness. To a certain extent that is true, but a» 

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Canada to co-host meeting on climate change action with China and EU

Environmental ministers representing Canada, China and the European Union, as well as representatives from some 30 countries will gather in Montreal later this week to move forward with the implementation of the Paris climate change agreement, according to Canada’s Minister» 


Environmental groups call on Arctic cruise industry to reduce pollution

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   Recent air samples taken in Iceland suggest cruise ships arriving and departing from Reykjavik are negatively affecting air quality, according to environmental groups. The readings were taken by» 

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Climate change causing severe weather events, says Insurance Bureau

An Insurance Bureau of Canada news release says “climate change is causing severe weather events, especially storms involving floods, to happen more frequently and with greater intensity.” It cites two significant storm and flooding events that occurred around the area» 


Eye on the Arctic: Video Archive

This week on Eye on the Arctic, we’re dipping into our video vault for a look at Arctic science. In an Eye on the Arctic project earlier this year, we explored the way Inuit communities in Canada are collaborating with scientists, pushing climate» 

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Permafrost thawing faster, feeding climate change: study

A new study suggests that frozen ground in Arctic regions of the world will thaw faster than most research predicts and could worsen climate change very significantly. Permafrost is land that is at or below 0 C continuously for at» 

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Heat waves could create global instability: professor

A new study published this week found that unless there is a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, climate change will make parts of South Asia uninhabitable by the end of this century. Published in the Journal Science Advances, the» 

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More deadly heat predicted for South Asia: study

If greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed, climate change could make it dangerous for people in parts of South Asia to be outdoors by the end of this century, according to a recent study. The study from Hong Kong University»