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Are loons another species under threat?

The haunting call of the common loon is an iconic wilderness and cottage sound in a Canadian summer. With the arrival of spring, people can expect the return of loons from the south. But will there be fewer? There are» 


Dikes will be upgraded to protect from climate change

New multi-million-dollar funding has been announced to improve dikes on Canada’s Atlantic coast and protect the province of Nova Scotia from flooding caused by rising tides and storm surge events. ‘Extreme weather is becoming more severe’ “Extreme weather is becoming» 

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Arctic: warmest in 10,000 years

The most recent report from Environment and Climate Change Canada noted once again that the Arctic is one of the fastest warming areas on Earth. A new study by researchers at the University of Alberta came to even more surprising» 


Largest food retailer gets funding for climate action

The Canadian government will invest up to $12 million to help the Loblaw supermarket chain retrofit refrigeration systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project will involve about 370 stores across Canada and will help reduce annual emissions by about» 


Cities consider suing oil companies over climate change

The city of Toronto is considering taking oil companies to court over the costs of climate change. Several U.S. cities have launched similar lawsuits against producers of fossil fuels. And the western city of Victoria is going to ask a» 


U.S., Russia thwarting black carbon reduction in Arctic, says Finland

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North Black carbon pollution remains a pressing concern in the Arctic, but the U.S. and Russia are thwarting regional co-operation efforts to combat the problem, says Finland’s Ministry of» 

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Budget lacks climate change measures, says environmentalist

Under the Paris Agreement, Canada has pledged $4 billion annually to help developing countries with climate change, but the government’s budget unveiled yesterday does not provide for it, says Dale Marshall of the non-profit Environmental Defence. Fossil fuels still subsidized,» 


The Arctic ‘locked-in’ for 3 to 5 C temperature rise, UN report warns

Winter temperatures in the Arctic are set to rise by 3 to 5 C by 2050 even if the world succeeds in cutting emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, according to a new report by the United Nations. These» 

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Humanity is at a crossroads: new environmental report

A comprehensive new UN report ties together climate change and other environmental issues and concludes millions of people will die unless urgent action is taken. But it says “the world has the science, technology and finance it need to move» 

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Canada funds projects on climate threats to health

Saying climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century, the government of Canada announced an investment of $1.7 million over two years to improve the health of Canadians as it relates to a changing climate.»