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Canada launches $2B disaster mitigation fund

Ottawa plans to invest $2 billion over the next ten years to prepare communities across the country to better withstand natural hazards such as floods, wildfires, earthquakes and droughts, the Liberal government announced Thursday. The Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund» 

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Beekeepers report massive winter losses

Concern for crop pollination It could be the worst year on record for beekeepers in much of Canada. The Ontario Beekeepers Association reports that among Ontario’s 3,000 beekeepers about 900 beekeepers responded to a survey showing seven in ten said» 

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Canada invests $1.2 million to help solve mystery of dwindling char numbers in Arctic

Canada’s department of Fisheries and Oceans has announced it will give $1,261,890 over 5 years to help solve the mystery of dwindling char numbers near the Arctic Canadian community of Kugluktuk. The money will go to a University of Waterloo research» 

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Global warming: So how was your April?

Here we are in May, well into spring and heading for summer.  In much of North America though, spells of actual warm weather have only just begun to arrive, and hesitantly at that in many places.  Indeed this evening there’s» 


Climate change making allergies worse

It’s allergy season in Canada and the news is not good for those who suffer from symptoms like sneezing, a stuffed up or runny nose, cough, asthma or itchy eyes. Climate change has caused warmer temperatures and changing carbon dioxide» 

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Expert says NAFTA trade deal means Canada can’t limit emissions

The trade talks continue with senior members of the Canadian, American, and Mexican governments to work out details on renewal of the North American Trade Agreement. It’s being called “NAFTA 2.0 For People or Polluters?” The international trade talks now» 

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Heat waves in the ocean longer, more frequent: study

A new study shows that the number of days there were heat waves in the ocean  increased by 54 per cent from 1925 to 2016 causing severe impacts on ecosystems. The study was led by Eric Oliver of Dalhousie University» 

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One degree Arctic temperature increase causes big lake change

Scientists working in the high Arctic found that a huge lake is undergoing some profound changes as a result of a mere one degree increase in the average Arctic air temperature. Martin Sharp (PhD, FRSC) is a professor in the» 

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 Climate change and Carbon tax: confusion reigns in Canada

A recent poll in Canada shows significant differences of opinion on the issue of climate change, carbon taxes, and other mitigation policies. The poll was conducted by Abacus Data for the Ecofiscal Commission, a group of economists who are strongly» 

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Concern over serious fish decline off Newfoundland

They’re a tiny fish, but a critical link in the food chain. Conservationists, fishermen and the government are all concerned about a huge decline of up to 70 per cent, in the capelin population off the coasts of Newfoundland and»