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New Canadian stamps celebrate illustrators

The world of great Canadian commercial art and illustration is being celebrated by Canada Post in a colourful new release of postage stamps. The series honours five artists with vastly differing styles: Will Davies, Blair Drawson, Gérard DuBois, James Hill» 

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Gun control: More restrictions targeting wrong people?

(public comments are open and can be posted and read at the very bottom of page) Guns and gun control have long been a highly contentious issue in Canada. There are about two million licensed firearms owners in this country» 

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New stamps feature Canadian birds

Even as the debate goes on to determine a national bird as a symbol of Canada ( RCI-Aug 31,2016), Canada Post has produced the first in a new series of stamps to showcase our avian residents. While Canada itself doesn’t yet» 

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History: Apr. 23, 1851, Canada issues first stamp

On April 23, 1851 the Province of Canada issued its first stamp. It was designed by none other than Scottish-Canadian Sir Sanford Fleming, the man who gave the world the idea of time zones. Although Canada was still considered a»