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Former Canadian hostage faces 15 criminal charges

A Canadian man who was held hostage with his American wife and children for five years in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been arrested in Ottawa and faces several charges, including sexual assault, unlawful confinement and uttering threats. Joshua Boyle, 34,» 

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Canada history: Feb 17, 1932: The end and beginning of the mystery of the Mad Trapper

It is one of the many enduring legends and mysteries of Canada’s far northern frontiers. Who was this man? They didn’t know then, and they still don’t know now, and probably never will. The story begins in summer of 1931» 


Police warn against posting photos of thieves

Some Canadians fed up with thieves have taking to posting surveillance images of the crimes on social media. Police say it’s not a good idea and it could hamper their investigations. The latest victims Richard Eng and his wife who» 

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How not to rob a house in Regina, or anywhere

When police catch criminals, one might ask; was it due to excellent police work, or in some cases, the criminals make some dumb, really dumb mistakes? First thing for criminals to keep in mind is, don’t attempt a robbery when» 

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Over 1000 (endangered) baby turtles rescued from smugglers

Detroit airport customs officials were surprised when they searched the luggage of a man about to board a flight for China last week. Stuffed into cereal boxes and rubber boots were 1007 baby turtles, some of which are on the» 

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Anniversary of the perfect crime

It was and remains the perfect crime. At the time is was also the biggest gold heist in Canadian history with various reports estimating the value at between 215 to 330-thousand dollars (depending on whether the fixed price or black-market» 


Violent fatal attack in Surrey highlights city’s problems

A mother of three who was savagely beaten Sunday night in Surrey, British Columbia, has died. Julie Paskall, 53, was Surrey’s 25th homicide victim of 2013. Julie Paskall, 53, was waiting for her teenage son in the parking lot of» 

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More “get tough on crime” legislation

Heinous crimes committed in Canada will likely soon be treated more harshly. A Conservative private member’s bill, has received support of the government. It would make the triple crime of abduction, rape, and murder punishable by up to 40 years»