Trudeau announces new National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has named an 11-member watchdog committee of parliamentarians to oversee the activities of Canada’s national security and intelligence agencies. Ontario Liberal MP David McGuinty will chair the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, which includes senators and» 

Does Canada need its own CIA or MI6?

For defence and security policy wonks in Canada June has been a particularly busy month. It all began with a rather remarkable foreign policy speech delivered by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in the House of Commons. She not only» 


Trudeau appoints new spy chief

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the new head of Canada’s domestic spy agency. David Vigneault, currently serving as the assistant secretary to the cabinet on matters of security and intelligence, will take over the Canadian Security Intelligence Service on June 19, the» 

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Canada’s spy agency warns of Russian and Chinese snooping

While Canada grapples with the threat of home-grown jihadists, Russia and China are actively working to steal the country’s most prized secrets, Canada’s spy agency warns an internal memo obtained by The Canadian Press The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the» 

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Judge slams spy agency for keeping data illegally

Federal Court Justice Simon Noel sharply criticized the domestic spy agency, CSIS, for illegally keeping electronic data on people even though they posed no security threat. Noel said the intelligence service was not truthful with judges who were called on» 

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Canadian government “not sitting on the sidelines” in fighting terrorism at home or abroad

For two days in a row, Canada’s Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has repeated the Canadian government’s position that it “is not sitting on the sidelines” in fighting terrorism at home or abroad. On Monday, the Minister was before a» 

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Government seeks greater anti-terrorism powers

Steven Blaney is the Minister of Public Safety Canada © CBC New legislation seeks more power for police, spy agencies Canada’s Public Safety minister, Steven Blaney announced today the government has prepared new legislation to give security agencies more powers of» 

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Canada’s spy agency CSIS helped prepare government approach to Indigenous protests

Canada’s spy agency CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) was involved in preparing an all-of-government approach to dealing with the Indigenous First Nations protests, according to a report Monday (March 24) in the National Post newspaper. Journalist Justin Ling writes: “Secret» 

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Canadian security agencies track Canadian “foreign fighters” returning home

It’s believed  the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)  is tracking up to 80 Canadians it suspects of having travelled abroad to engage in terrorist activities. CSIS  says some engaged in paramilitary activities, while others attended extremist Islamic schools, others may»