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Yukon Quest- man and dog against time and the Arctic cold

It is one of the world’s greatest annual endurance challenges for man and dog. The annual Yukon Quest dog sled race  is now roughly at the half-way point in the annual 1,600km race which stretches from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon» 

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Warm weather in Arctic affects another major dog sled race

There’s the great Yukon Quest dog sled race, held in  February in Canada, and then in March, the American Iditarod across Alaska. Both are around 1,600 kilometers in length. The warm weather in the north has forced both races in» 

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Yukon Quest 2016: Another race for the history books

One of the toughest endurance races for man and beast has come to an end in Canada’s north. The 1,600 km (give or take) Yukon Quest International dog sled race has wound up with winner Hugh Neff, of Alaska, crossing» 

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They’re away! Yukon Quest off and running.

The mushers at the annual Yukon Quest International Sled dog race are already racing toward the finish line  som 1,600 km away. Dogs showing their excitement and determination as they realize they’re about to start. Note the protective boots on»