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Trudeau calls Trump to expresses ‘serious concern’ about proposed steel tariffs

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called U.S. President Donald Trump Monday evening to register ‘his serious concern’ about the U.S. administration’s plan to impose steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, according to a read-out of the phone call from» 

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Trudeau heads to Davos to promote investment

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leaves for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland today to meet with world political, civic and business leaders. He will address the forum on Tuesday, stressing that Canada is still a good place to» 

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Trump eschews Canadian visit, disappointing very few

U.S. presidents have been visiting Canada since 1923 when Warren G. Harding made the leap across the 49th parallel. And since the Franklin Roosevelt Admnistraion, only two–Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter–have failed to come at all. Make that three. U.S.» 


Arctic Council’s climate work continues with full U.S. participation, despite Paris pullout, says diplomat

President Donald Trump may have nixed U.S. participation in the Paris accord, but the Arctic Council’s climate change work continues as usual, Finland’s top Arctic diplomat said on Thursday. “We have not noticed any change in the intensity, regarding climate change» 

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Despite expected U.S. troop hike, no victory in sight in Afghan war: expert

While U.S. President Donald Trump opened the door on Monday to beefing up U.S. forces in Afghanistan, the best he can hope for is “no victory, no defeat” in America’s longest war, says a Canadian expert. Speaking before a crowd» 

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Arctic countries blast Trump decision to withdraw from Paris climate deal

Politicians from many of the world’s eight circumpolar nations wasted no time lambasting U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday after he announced his plans to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. “The richest nation in the world shows its negligence regarding the» 

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Crystal Serenity marks Arctic watershed in 2016, Trump election is the wildcard for 2017: expert

Crystal Serenity’s 32-day voyage across the forbidding Canadian Arctic was the most significant single event in the Arctic in 2016, while Donald Trump’s election could take the U.S. Arctic policy into uncharted waters in 2017, says a prominent Arctic expert. The» 

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Higher food prices expected in 2017: report

The average Canadians family can expect to pay as much as $420 more for food in 2017, an increase of 3 to 5 per cent, according to a new report. The seventh edition of Canada’s Food Price Report, published by Dalhousie» 

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Stop being scared of Trump presidency, keep on fighting for environment: Suzuki

The world should stop fretting about deciphering Donald Trump’s often contradictory statements on the environment and on a multitude of other policy issues, and get on with its own agenda, says one of Canada’s most prominent environmental activists. “We have»