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Global warming, drier world

More drought, more wildfires coming with global warming The news stories of severe and unusual drought and of massive wildfires around the world have been increasing in recent years. Canada, Australia, Greece, South Africa, the U.S southwest and California, and» 


Saskatchewan investigates cattle deaths

Provincial authorities in Saskatchewan are investigating after about 200 cattle were found dead on a pasture in the southwest of the prairie province over the weekend. Provincial authorities say the dead cows and calves were on Crown pasture land south» 

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Climate change to make water scarcity for millions worse, says WaterAid

On the eve of the UN’s World Water Day comes news that extreme weather will make things more difficult for the 663 million people who already have don’t have access to clean water. “Climate change and extreme weather have a» 

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Documentary: California drought- another warning of climate change

The lush fruit orchards, nut groves, vinyards and vegetable fields of California supply food to almost all of North America and beyond. Reliable year-round sun and ample water have meant unparalleled yields for decades. But that has come at a» 

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Neighbouring province of B.C. on wildfire alert

The province of British Columbia (B.C.) is taking a lesson from Alberta‘s massive wildfire and telling residents to prepare themselves in case they need to evacuate because of fire. Two wildfires have merged into one in northeastern B.C. near Fort» 


Canada provides $30M emergency assistance to drought-stricken Ethiopia

Canada is contributing $30 million to several United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations working to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to millions of people in drought-stricken in Ethiopia, federal minister of international development and La Francophonie announced Thursday. Marie-Claude Bibeau made the» 

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Canada has water, the U.S wants it.

Once again this year, severe drought hit west coast  North America and the south-western US. This put enormous pressure on existing water supplies for agriculture and cities across a large section of the continent.  Also again this year, the situation reached crisis levels» 

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Ongoing drought making trees vulnerable to insects

Drought is worsening in much of western Canada and that is making trees more vulnerable to insects. In 2014, the mountain pine beetle destroyed 18.1 million hectares of pine forest in the western province of British Columbia and is expanding» 

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British Columbia: hot water, and heat over water bottler

While Canada’s west coast province swelters under an unusual drought and heat waver, There have been some ripple effects, beyond the multitude of forest fires. The heat is warming rivers aided by low levels due to a low winter snowfall» 

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Water worries in western Canada

Summer drought and severe crop loss possible With the unusual climate conditions experienced across Canada this year, there are now worries about water supply in western Canada. There was a record minimum snowfall this year from the west coast, right»