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Election adverts in Canada – first salvoes fired

With Canada’s general election still several months away in October, the political parties are well into election mode already. Leaders and other members of the various parties have already begun to hold public meetings across Canada. Advertisements have begun as» 

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Canadians warned to beware of election interference

Canadians will vote in a federal election in October 2019 and the government is taking steps to combat interference. “Foreign and malicious actors are becoming more creative at using online platforms to manipulate opinions,” says a government statement. Several measures» 

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Canada calls for calm amid dispute over DRC election results

Canada is hopeful that the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo remains calm after the runner-up in the disputed presidential election refused to recognize the surprise win of another opposition candidate and urged his supporters to “rise up,” Canadian» 

Cyber threats to elections examined

Canadians go to the polls in 2019 to elect the federal government, and parliamentary hearings are underway to look at possible online interference. The concern is not so much for the voting system itself. Paper ballots system deemed safer “The» 


Quebec polls deliver sweeping change

The political landscape in Quebec underwent a tectonic change Monday as voters in Canada’s French-speaking province elected a new centre-right party, tossing aside the two parties that had dominated Quebec politics for over half a century. Founded in 2011, Coalition» 


Quebec vote set to reshape political landscape

Quebec voters are heading to polls on Monday in a provincial election that has the potential of radically reshaping the political landscape in Canada’s French-speaking province. For the first time since 1976, a new party is set to challenge the» 


New Brunswick set for minority government

New Brunswick’s lieutenant-governor gave the incumbent Liberal Leader Brian Gallant permission to attempt to form a minority government on Tuesday even as the Liberals won fewer seats than their main opponent in Monday’s provincial election. New Brunswick’s electoral landscape was thrown» 


Electricity rate freeze promised in provincial election

The premier of the eastern province of New Brunswick is promising to freeze electricity rates for four years if his government is re-elected on September 24, 2018. Premier Brian Gallant says electricity bills are going up faster than are the» 


Language training promised in provincial election campaign

The election campaign in the eastern province of New Brunswick has not officially started, but already the incumbent premier is promising free second-language training if his party is re-elected. Only one province is officially bilingual While Canada is officially bilingual» 

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Canada troubled by undemocratic elections in Cambodia

Ottawa says it is “troubled” by Cambodia’s flawed and undemocratic election that effectively resulted in one-party rule by incumbent prime minister Hun Sen and his Cambodian People’s Party who are expected to grab all 125 parliamentary seats following Sunday’s national»