Canadians warned of dangers of travel to Jamaica

The Canadian government has warned Canadians to “exercise a high degree of caution” and be “extremely vigilant” if they intend to travel to Jamaica. That country is one of the three top Caribbean destinations for Canadians wanting to escape the» 

Quebec calls in troops to help deal with ‘worst flooding we’ve had in our whole history’

Quebec is calling on the federal government to deploy the Canadian military to help with “historic” floods that threaten over 120 communities in the province as more rain is expected to hit parts of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, provincial» 

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Apr. 3, 1956: How the disaster film genre was sparked by a Canadian idea.

One of the great suspense story ideas, indeed the whole genre of  suspense-thriller disaster films, began with a story developed aboard a long airline flight from Winnipeg Manitoba, to Toronto Ontario in 1955. Arthur Hailey was Canadian tractor-trailer promotional sales» 

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Who’s at highest risk of death from overdose?

People who have experienced a drug overdose are more likely to later die from an overdose. And the more times a person overdoses, the more likely he or she will die from one, according to new research from the BC» 

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Huge wild fire inferno, massive evacuation- Alberta town

It is the largest emergency evacuation in Alberta history. Record breaking heat and no rain in the past few weeks have left forests and grasses in the prairie provinces tinder dry. An image of the fire Tuesday as it burned» 

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Canada adds to Syrian relief contributions

The Canadian government announced it will contribute $100 million to help communities stricken by the Syrian crisis. Private citizens responded to campaigns by charitable organizations and donated $31.8 million. As promised, the government will match that amount and give it» 


Don’t call 911 if your pizza is late, say police

Police in the western city of Edmonton are renewing a campaign to get people to stop calling its emergency 911 telephone line for situations that are not emergencies. In 2015, almost 40 per cent of calls were non-emergencies. So far» 

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Vale’s toxic leak in Sudbury contained

Vale‘s smelter complex in Sudbury, Ontario sounded the alarms this morning when nitrogen dioxide was released from its Copper Cliff facility. Many people woke to the alarms and sirens they know well from test-runs, but this morning the situation was»