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The Loneliness Project seeks to ease the hurt gently

Sometimes, beauty and caring are their own rewards. Marissa Korda © Marissa Korda Sometimes, mixing those virtues with a healthy dose of empathy and compassion can go a whole lot farther than you ever imagined. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they» 

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Fabienne Colas delivers the sun even in the death of winter

Today marks the second day of Canada’s 150th birthday and already I’m  feeling a whole lot better. Must be the company I’ve been keeping. A highlight of a Montreal summer is Fabienne Colas’s creation, Haiti en Folie, a week-long celebration» 

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My 2016 person of the year: Emma Mogus

Once again this week I had the distinct pleasure of making contact with Emma Mogus. I count myself lucky. Emma Mogus is pictured last summer with her creation, the Tongue-Interface-Communication (TiC), a tongue controlled computer mouse. © CP Photo/Chris Young Mogus,» 

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A gift for RCI listeners, her name is Emma Mogus

As the risk of being viewed as sentimental or windy, I wish to share a gift with those of you out there who are seeing the world as a pretty bleak place right now. In 2012, Emma and her older» 

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Teen creates mouse to unlock Internet for disabled

hat do you get when you mix really smart with really empathic? Emma Mogus’s TiC has tactile stitches inset into a mouthguard, which is soldered to an ethernet cable. The cable connects to a circuit board, which in turn connects»