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Weather quiz, no hints: What country has the coldest capital in the world?

Call it a heckuva way to end Canada’s 150th birthday in the capital. Ottawa set a dubious record overnight Wednesday. Environment Canada says Montreal could be dealing with freezing temperatures into 2018. © Radio Canada It ranked as the coldest capital» 

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Frigid weather is testing Canadians winter mettle

Canadians, who pride themselves on riding out rough winters, are having their weather chops severely tested this week. Much of the country is in the midst of a deep-freeze cold snap that Environment Canada says could go on for at» 

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Alberta gets an early glimpse of the near future: it’s white and it’s cold

My heart sank this morning when I saw the news. Much of southern Alberta was hit Monday with a winter storm, dropping up to 20 centimetres in some areas with winds gusting to 100 km/hour. For the uninitiated, that’s called» 

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White Christmas predicted for much of Canada

Unlike last year when mild temperatures put a green damper on many parts of the country, it appears the snow gods are aligning and a very healthy portion of Canada will have a white Christmas. Meteorologists say large swaths of» 

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After a very tough winter, things not much better in Alberta

You wonder when the the people of Alberta will throw up collective hands and delare “No Mas!” It’s been a tough year. Already grappling with the after-effects of last spring’s wildfire, residents of Fort McMurray, faced new problems on the» 

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Canada lagging on renewable energy

A report by a clean energy advocacy group says Canada is falling behind its major trading partners in renewable energy investment. The report from Clean Energy Canada released Monday found that spending around the world increased seven per cent to» 

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Snow arriving just a tad late for Christmas

It’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas in eastern Canada. As Maritimers began digging out Monday from a major Sunday snowstorm that caused traffic problems and flight delays and cancellations, forecasters are predicting the first major winter storm» 

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Power outages put a crimp in Christmas

As record-high Christmas Eve temperatures were being set in many locations across Ontario and Quebec, hydro crews were forced into action to try to restore power to tens of thousands of residents of both provinces. Nearly 140,000 people in Ontario» 


Wild weather: cities not planning for the “new normal”

David Phillips is a senior climatologist at Environment Canada. He says municipalities are still stuck in old planning ideas when the both the changing climate and changing urban centres require new concepts to cope with the new normal of wilder» 

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Long winter hard on birds of prey

Winter just didn’t want to give up this year, and that’s been hard of birds of prey. The younger ones especially are being found and turned in to animal rescue centres. Pathologist Doug Campbell, from Canadian Co-operative Wildlife Health Centre»