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Facebook to control political ads in Canada

Facebook has announced plans to comply with a new Canadian law aimed at preventing foreign interference in elections. There will be a federal election in October 2019 and the social media giant says its “ads transparency tools” will be launched» 


Facebook launches dating feature in Canada

Online dating sites have fetched over $5 million so far in 2018 and Facebook is getting in on the action. It has just launched its dating service in Columbia and in Canada and will refine it before launching it elsewhere.» 

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Facebook reviewing anti-nudity policy after blocking ads for Picasso exhibit

Facebook says it’s reviewing its anti-nudity policy after the social media platform’s algorithms rejected ads by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts because they featured nudes painted by the world famous 20th century artist Pablo Picasso. The museum says that» 

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Personal data can be sold by consumers

A new app is being launched that will allow consumers to make money by providing their personal data to companies for advertising purposes. This turns the tables on large companies which make massive amounts of money selling personal data they» 

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Privacy commissioner calls for action to protect personal information

Appearing before a committee of the House of Commons, the privacy commissioner said Canada’s privacy law is “quite permissive and gives companies wide latitude to use personal information for their own benefit.” Daniel Therrien said it is not enough to» 

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Online privacy policy, enforcement need to change, says lawyer

While Canada has a national law to protect privacy, interpretation has been vague and enforcement lacking, says David Fewer, director of a public interest clinic devoted to technology law at the University of Ottawa. “(The law) is pretty good…They (internet» 


Facebook breach of trust: what to do now?

The news that data gleaned from millions of Facebook users was manipulated to sway the U.S. election signals the beginning of the age of information warfare, says Megan Boler, a professor of Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto.» 

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Canada’s privacy watchdog launches investigation into Facebook

Canada’s privacy watchdog has launched an investigation into Facebook to look into whether the social media company may have violated the privacy rights of Canadian users by improperly sharing their private account data with a political consultancy company working on» 


Facebook app for kids raises questions

Controversy has swirled around Facebook’s new messaging app for children now available in the U.S. and likely coming soon to Canada and other countries. Facebook promotes the app as a way “for kids to safety video chat and message with» 

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Facebook launches artificial intelligence research lab in Montreal

Facebook has become the latest technology company to establish a foothold in Montreal to take advantage of the city’s burgeoning artificial intelligence sector, announcing the opening of a research lab in the city Friday. It is the company’s first artificial»