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Canadian films screened country-wide on special day

Canadians films will be screened in schools and at special events on this day which was declared National Canadian Film Day four years ago. The initiative was taken by Reel Canada, a non-profit founded in 2005 by members of Canada’s» 

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Golden Globe author shuns awards show due to Muslim ban

The animated film “The Breadwinner” was based on a book written by Canadian author Deborah Ellis but even though it was nominated for a Golden Globe she says she will not go to the awards show because of U.S. President» 

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Canadian actor Donald Sutherland to get an Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that 82-year-old Donald Sutherland will be awarded an honorary Oscar on November 11. The Canadian-born actor will finally be honoured with the film industry’s top award for his prolific and» 

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ARTS-Doc film: THE TAMING OF THE QUEUE” by Josh Freed

You line up at the cash register, line up for service, and for this and for that. You wait on the telephone after being put on hold, you wait in traffic jams, you wait and wait, and nobody, or almost» 

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New film: the wildlife living in your home.

You keep a clean and tidy suburban house, and you’re proud of it. But in spite of that, there’s a whole world of creatures that like your house too. Toronto-based filmmaker Roberto Verdecchia of 52 Media wrote and directed “The» 

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Canada history: Jan.17, 1880 – The Canadian who invented American slapstick film

(to comment on any RCI story, scroll down to very bottom of page) He was known for many years throughout the U.S. as “the King of Comedy”, except, he was Canadian. Charlie Chaplin, W.C Fields, Harold Lloyd, Gloria Swanson, and» 

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Arts- Documentary : Once an immigrant

Peter Keleghan is a very successful Canadian TV and screen actor. He calls himself an “uber Canadian”, immensely proud of his country and what it stands for. To him it represents the chance for all newcomers to leave behind the» 

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Film relays people’s experiences of RCI shortwave towers

Spectres of Shortwave is an experimental film which features a stunning landscape with 13 shortwave towers and people’s testimony about how they experienced them. It has been modified to also serve as a radio documentary. The towers, ranging in height» 

National Film Board: Grasslands Project

Canada is sprinkled with small towns, many slowly fading, others determined to hang on in spite of the odds. Canada is also a huge country with vastly differing environments. One of the regions that has not received a lot of» 

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Surveillance billboard markets ‘Snowden’ film

In a clever marketing move, an ad agency set up a billboard and showed surveillance images on a busy Toronto street to illustrate the privacy issues raised in the new movie called “Snowden.” The film based on National Security Agency»