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Young Canadians, not really planning for the future

The age group is called “the millenials”, the age group born in the decade or so before the turn of the new century.  As they are now adults aged roughly between 25-35, it seems many are not prepared for the» 

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Jurors who face gruesome, long trials may need help

A Canadian government committee is examining the impact of jury duty on those who are called to serve.  Jurors may suffer psychological effects and financial losses, particularly in cases where the evidence or testimony is particularly horrific and the trial» 


Seniors vulnerable to financial abuse

CBC reported on a self-made millionaire who alleges his two eldest children took nearly all of his savings. This has prompted discussions about the vulnerability of seniors. Pete Stoopnikoff, 92, alleges two of his children have taken his money and properties.» 

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More Canadians living paycheque to paycheque

A new survey suggests about half of Canadians spend all or more of their net pay and one quarter would be hard pressed to come up with $2,000 in the event of an emergency. In Canada, 93 per cent of» 

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Canada quietly sells its gold

Throughout history, gold has always fascinated mankind. Lately it seems some of that attraction is starting to wear off, at least for governments. In recent weeks Canada has been selling off its gold reserves, in fact, almost half of the» 

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Students don’t learn how to manage their finances

Many Canadian students graduate unprepared for the financial issues they must face because they are not taught the basics at home or at school, says Kyle Prevost, a teacher and author. Prevost is one of a small group of teachers» 

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Study: Questions raised about Aboriginal groups funding/spending

A new study highlights issues about income and expenses on aboriginal reserves in Canada. The study performed by the non-profit public policy research group, C.D.Howe Institute suggests aboriginal bands may want to look more deeply into how their money is»