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Global warming, drier world

More drought, more wildfires coming with global warming The news stories of severe and unusual drought and of massive wildfires around the world have been increasing in recent years. Canada, Australia, Greece, South Africa, the U.S southwest and California, and» 


Fires tearing through parts of British Columbia

Hot, dry and windy weather is fanning more than 200 fires in the western province of British Columbia (B.C.).  It’s estimated 7,000 people have been forced from their homes and that number is expected to climb. Hot, dry, windy weather» 

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Coroner investigating 32 deaths, rules all nursing homes should have sprinklers

The coroner investigating the deaths of 32 seniors in a nursing home fire last year has released his report, with a list of recommendations including the mandatory retrofitting of sprinklers in all nursing homes. In the conclusion of his report»