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The forgotten Olympic gold medallist, who in fact is Canadian

He’s someone whose history is somewhat stuck between two countries, the U.S. and Canada. He was a Canadian, but for many decades was claimed by the U.S. and thought to be American by most Canadians, if they thought of him» 

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History Canada: Jan 3, 1947- The very first Canadian citizen

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Canada is still a relatively young country. After achieving an outstanding reputation in the First World War, where Canadians were widely recognised as the best of the Allied troops, and after equally remarkable achievements» 

 Viola Desmond: North America’s first civil rights pioneer- featured on banknote

After much debate about who should be portrayed on the next series of Canadian banknotes, it was announced in 2016 that Viola Desmond would be among those to be featured. Years before American Rosa Parks protested for her civil rights» 

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Cannabis Canada: Day one of legality – most interesting

Toronto Police Services (TPS)- pot is not an emergency call Canada has spent the first full day of legalised recreational use of cannabis, and it was interesting. Line-ups were long at the several legal, provincially licensed or controlled outlets across» 

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Coin commemorates end of First World War

In less than a month, many nations around the world will mark a momentous date. This year, November 11th will be the 100th anniversary of the Armistice to end the horrific tragedy of the  First World War. To mark the» 

History Canada: Oct. 5, 1944 – RCAF downs the first German jet

The D-Day invasion of Europe was months past but the fighting in and over Europe was increasingly bitter and deadly. In the skies, the Germans had introduced an astounding new weapon, the jet fighter, far faster than any Allied plane,» 

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Patches and the medical advances of 3D printing

Patches is a 9-year-old who had a massive problem, one that would likely have killed her eventually. The small dachshund had a large tumour on the skull. Approached by a colleague at Cornell University in the U.S., it was decided» 

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101 years: A great victory, a monument at last, a burial ceremony

WW-I: Hill-70: Another great Canadian victory 101 years ago Four soldiers buried today In a terrible war, it was another tremendous victory for the Canadians, with six Victoria Crosses awarded, the highest Commonwealth medal for valour. As always tragically, the» 


Canadian bureaucrat rewriting communications history?

Bureaucrat calls Bell’s invention of telephone into question. It’s a tax dispute that has involved Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. In fact it brings up a bureaucrat’s personal doubts about Bell’s reputation as the inventor of the telephone.» 

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Canadian, first non-European to reach podium at ski event

Cross-country skier Alex Harvey finished third overall on Sunday making him the first non-European to reach the podium at the Tour de Ski in Cavalese, Italy.  Harvey finished in a time of 30:22.7 in the seventh stage behind Dario Cologna»