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Marine protected areas for sharks and rays: are they working?

The idea of specific areas of ocean set aside as “protected” zone, officially Marine Protected Areas (MPA) was to protect marine biodiversity in a safe area. A new study shows that’s not really working and especially so for sharks and» 

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Video: Arctic Hunting Now

On a recent Eye on the Arctic reporting trip to Nunavut, we ran into a young hunter named Robin Aupilaq Avaala. Or maybe more accurately, he found us. We were shooting a story in the Arctic Canadian community of Baker Lake,» 

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Race for the lobster

It’s lobster season once again off Canada’s east coast province of Nova Scotia. Delayed yesterday by bad weather hundreds of boats loaded with traps sped off just before dawn at 6:00 AM. The race was to get to the best» 

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New tool to track illegal fishing, foster sustainability

New technology lets anyone in the world have a free look at the activities of the world’s largest commercial fishing vessels via internet. Oceana, SkyTruth and Google teamed up to launch Global Fishing Watch which they hope will help curb illegal» 

Negotiations to control fishing at the top of the world

Arctic nations and several others will meet in Iqaluit in northern Canada this week to discuss controls for a potential Arctic fishery in international waters. The meeting takes place in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada from July 6-8. Since the beginning of» 

Shell, governance & Arctic exceptionalism: 2015 Year in Review

2015 has drawn to a close which means Eye on the Arctic is looking back at this year’s news and events with some of our experts from around the globe. In this, the last installment to be posted on Radio Canada» 

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Drilling lake ice could lead to criminal charges

People who like to fish in winter drill holes in the ice on lakes, but it turns out they could face legal charges for doing so, reports CBC. The western province of Alberta has many shallow lakes that are prone» 

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COP21: View from Canada’s Northwest Territories

On the occasion of the United Nations climate change conference in Paris (November 30- December 11), Eye on the Arctic has been speaking with different indigenous leaders from across Canada’s North. In this interview series we explore how climate change is affecting» 

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Tuna trophy caught with a rod and reel!

Greer Hunt Jr. shares the only licence to catch Atlantic bluefin tuna in Conception Bay South with his father, Greer Hunt Sr. And they are the only fishermen in Newfoundland allowed to catch them with a rod and reel.  “It» 

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Fishing, science missions and the end of diesel in the North? – Arctic week in review

On this week’s news round-up, we bring you some of your most read stories from Eye on the Arctic this week: – The five nations that boarder the Arctic Ocean signed a moratorium this month on fishing in the region. Does»