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Could climate change create Canada’s next island province?

Canada’s east coast province of Nova Scotia is connected to the continent by a large isthmus, but it’s low lying and easily flooded. The idea that Nova Scotia could be cut off by water is a serious concern that has» 


Toronto Islands closed by flooding will soon reopen

The islands off the city of Toronto are a popular recreational spot and home to hundreds of residents, but they have been closed since early May due to flooding. Permits for parties and wedding receptions were cancelled and ferry service» 

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Putting a dollar value on wetlands

Scientists and environmentalists have long known that wetlands (marshes, bogs) mitigate climate extremes. They absorb water  when there’s excess rain, and retain and release water when there’s drought.  Wetlands are something like a weather “shock absorber”. Knowing that however hasn’t» 

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Ontario farmers vs. the weather

Not enough rain last year, too much this year Scientists have been saying for years that an effect of climate change is that extremes in weather will get more extreme. Ontario farmers would agree.  Last year, the major concern was» 


Toronto Island Park closed due to flooding

After a long winter, the temperature will climb to 29 degrees today in Toronto, but residents will not be able to indulge in the favourite warm-weather activity of visiting a nearby island. Toronto Island Park is closed and regular ferry» 

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Assessing flood damage as water recedes..for now

The flood waters in eastern Ontario, Quebec and parts of New Brunswick are finally beginning to slowly recede after a few days of little to no rain. The situation is also improving in the British Columbia interior where two men» 

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Canada flooding situation worsens

More scattered rain showers to come The rains this spring in Canada have been far greater than normal and it has caused emergency situations in regions across the country.. It has now turned deadly with two men missing and presumed» 

Quebec calls in troops to help deal with ‘worst flooding we’ve had in our whole history’

Quebec is calling on the federal government to deploy the Canadian military to help with “historic” floods that threaten over 120 communities in the province as more rain is expected to hit parts of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, provincial» 

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Hundreds of homes threatened as flood waters continue to rise in Quebec

Residents of low-lying areas of Quebec braced for more flooding today after heavy rains caused several rivers and streams to burst their banks turning quiet residential streets into silt-filled ponds and lakes. About 100 Quebec municipalities are affected by flooding, including the Outaouais,» 

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Canada not prepared for climate change, warns report

A broad survey of most of Canada has found that the country is not well prepared for the effects of climate change, with flooding of particular concern. The report was prepared by Waterloo’s Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation which was»