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Stop Food Waste Day declared in Canada

A Canadian food service company has declared April 27 to be a special day to raise awareness about the growing problem of wasted food. Compass Group Canada says food waste in this country is estimated at $31 billion with 30» 


Get kids to help with meal preparation, urge dietitians

Almost half of Canadians surveyed say they find it challenging to eat a balanced diet when they are busy and the country’s dietitians are trying to help. March is Nutrition Month and Dietitians of Canada are promoting good food saying» 


Food prices, trends to change in Canada: report

The price of food is expected to increase two to three per cent for Canadians in 2018 and food trends will likely change to meet the growing demand for convenience, according to the Food Price Report. This report was prepared» 

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Unhealthy food consumption increases dramatically in Canada: study

Almost half the foods Canadians eat are highly processed products that are poor in nutrition and increase health risks, according to new research commissioned by Heart & Stroke Canada. Even worse, children between the ages of nine and 13 are» 

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Toxic pesticide traces in honey

Honey is one of nature’s oldest natural sweeteners. However scientists have discovered that this natural product now has something very unnatural in it, toxic neonicotinoid pesticides. The neonicotinoid group of chemicals are the most common class of pesticide in world-wide» 

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Talking about food : news and reports by RCI

You want to know more about what Canadians are eating? What’s in their plate and where is it coming from? What grows in Canada and what is the impact of agriculture on the environment? Read Radio Canada International’s reports on» 


Toronto to host big halal food festival

For the fifth year, the Toronto suburb of Mississauga is hosting what it bills as North America’s largest halal food festival from July 15 to 16. Halal food is that which is prepared according to Islamic law. Animals must be» 

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Grocery shopping: How do you make your choices?

How do food shoppers make their choices…that’s the question being studied at the University of Guelph. A special type of lab to study the question has been created, in fact, it’s unique..possibly in the world. Michael von Massow is a» 


Remote Churchill short of food after huge blizzard

Residents of the remote community of Churchill are hoping a train will finally get through heavy snow and bring them food this afternoon. Store shelves are almost empty after a major blizzard hit the area 1,000 km northeast of Winnipeg.» 

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In search and discovery of Canadian cuisine

It was a journey of tens of thousands of kilometres as Lenore Newman set off back and forth across Canada to answer the question, “what is Canadian cuisine”. Lenore Newman (PhD)  is Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment»