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New findings raise doubts about first migration to Americas

For decades it was believed that the first humans came to North America from Siberia over the Bering Land Bridge and then moved south through a corridor of land opened up by melting glaciers. But new research has found that» 

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Global warming, mining, and toxic threats

Even as climate talks take place in Paris, global warming has an effect on a particular situation that could involve toxic poisoning of the drinking water of a good part of an entire nation. At a high altitude in the» 

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Greenland’s northeastern ice sheet starting to melt

Greenland’s previously stable northeastern ice sheet is starting to melt, according to a  study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. While Greenland’s melting ice sheet has contributed to an increase in the world’s sea levels over the last 20» 

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Eye on the Arctic – Understanding the Milne ice shelf

Each week, Eye on the Arctic features stories and newsmakers from across the North The last fully intact ice shelf on northern Ellesmere Island in Canada’s Arctic may soon be slipping away. Ice shelves found in the island’s North are»