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Could climate change create Canada’s next island province?

Canada’s east coast province of Nova Scotia is connected to the continent by a large isthmus, but it’s low lying and easily flooded. The idea that Nova Scotia could be cut off by water is a serious concern that has» 

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Thousands of scientists from 184 countries warn humanity-again

(comments open on all RCI stories- to add your comment go to the form at bottom of page) This week, more than 15.000 scientists from around the world signed an open letter noting the lack of action on environmental issues.» 

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International research into global warming and plant change

Many people are noticing that plants seem to be changing their cycle, and flowering and producing fruit earlier than in the past.  This seems to be a reaction to global warming in which the summers appear to be arriving earlier.» 

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How warming climate will change a unique forest type

Canada’s eastern maritime provinces, notably New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince-Edward Island, and into Quebec’s Gaspe peninsula, are home to a unique forest type. A new federal study says climate change in the Maritimes may lead to a gradual reduction in» 

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Scientists around the world compile historical global temperature data

In a global collaborative effort dozens of scientists combined their specific field knowledge to create a comprehensive data bank of global temperatures over the past 2000 years. Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques (PhD) is a contributor to the project known as the PAGES2k» 

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Plenty of water? Arctic communities on the verge of running out

Looking at a map of Arctic Canada, it seems there are literally thousands of lakes and rivers, yet many Arctic communities are facing water shortages or threats of shortages to come. Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut Territory, will be facing that» 

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Climate change: beavers on the move north

Scientists have been noticing this for a few years now, as have residents in Canada’s far north and Arctic: global warming is changing things. A variety of plants , animals , and marine creatures have been moving north into Arctic» 

New research: We’re on the brink of mass extinction

In the history of the Earth, there have been five mass extinctions when three-quarters (or more) of life on our planet was wiped out. They have all previously been “natural” such as an impact from a large asteroid, or from» 

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Ecosystems: The importance of habitat connectivity

The climate is changing, and that’s changing the environment. That in turn is changing how various species which have adapted to an environment, act and react to their new and changing environmental conditions. A new study says to help preserve» 


Flooding concern continues in Canada

Deadly floods 2017: four dead. The heavy rains this year across much of Canada have already proven deadly. In west coast British Columbia a man is believed to have been swept away by a fast flowing river, while a mudslide»