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The right to be forgotten- restricting access to certain internet sites

Removing old or embarrassing or incorrect links about individuals It’s part of a privacy law in the European Union sometimes called the right to be forgotten, but it’s more the right to erasure (of access to specific content) and it» 

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From a garage to worldwide giant: 20 years of Google

Don’t know something? Google it.  Want to email, well there’s Gmail. Want to find a place, well there’s google maps, and google earth. Google is now the largest and best known name on the internet with income in the billions» 

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Where are you and where have you been? Google knows!

Tracking function turned off? Maybe not quite. It seems that in this digital age of privacy concerns, even disabling certain tracking functions on your smartphone doesn’t entirely protect your information A recent Associated Press investigations shows Google services could still» 

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Canadians’ interests revealed in Google searches

Hurricane Irma was one of the topics most searched by Canadians in 2017, according to the 17th annual survey of top-trending searches on Google. The hurricane that battered the Caribbean and Florida starting on August 30th  was also widely searched» 

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Google streetview maps high Arctic park

It’s remote, very remote. Quttinirpaaq National Park on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island. It’s so difficult to get to that barely 50 people visit each year.  It’s only 800 kilometres from the North Pole, and almost the furthest north» 


UnGoogling Harper’s web legacy

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has asked Google to delete from its search results dozens of web pages of his Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper’s days as prime minister. The search result deletion requests sent to Google by the Privy Council» 


What Google searches say about Canadians

The number one thing Canadians searched on Google this year was the baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. The team was on a dramatic winning streak that captured the attention of Canadians and eventually, people from outside the country too.» 

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Canada’s Competition Bureau to investigate Google search dominance

Canada’s Competition Bureau is seeking a court order that would require Google’s Canadian subsidiary to furnish antitrust investigators with internal company records as part of an investigation into whether Google is abusing its dominance of the Internet search market to stifle competition»