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Lake Erie Action Plan aims to reduce toxic slime

Huge algae blooms have for years created a toxic slime on one of the Great Lakes at the heart of North America. It can make people sick, kill fish and other aquatic life and make drinking water unsafe for human» 

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Experience Canada’s great outdoors: Become a lighthouse keeper for the summer

North America’s Great Lakes are so vast, they are like inland seas, and are subject to violent storms. In the 1800’s as shipping became more active, lighthouses were set up in critical areas all around the lakes. Several remain to» 

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Concern about microplastics in North America’s Great Lakes.

The International Joint Commission (IJC) which monitors water conditions in the Great Lakes of North America, has been studying the increasing concern over microplastics in the system. The IJC has just released IJC) released a report to the governments of» 

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History: Nov 10, (1913, 1975) the deadly Great Lakes gales

That good ship and crew was a bone to be chewed                                                          » 

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IJC calls for public input into microplastics in Great Lakes

The growing concern over microplastics in the Great Lakes between Canada and the U.S.A, has attracted the attention and concern of the bi-national “International Joint Commission” (IJC). It is seeking public comment on recommendations it will soon make to Canadian» 

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More bad news: Fertile invasive Carp in the Great Lakes

Yet another of the invasive Asian carp species has been found in the Great Lakes. Commercial fishermen in Lake Erie netted a grass carp earlier this month near Point Pelee. The carp was just under a metre long and weighed» 

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International group of mayors unite against Great Lakes decision

Earlier this year a decision was made in the U.S, to allow a community to withdraw its municipal water from Lake Michigan, even though it was outside the Great Lakes water basin. A coalition of some 100 mayors and local» 


Shipwreck discovered in Lake Ontario

The shipwreck of The Washington was discovered last month, making it the second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes between Canada and the United States. It sank in Lake Ontario during a storm in 1803, not far from Oswego, New York with» 

Found: Canadian schooner that sank 150 years ago

A team of U.S. explorers has found the wreck of the Royal Albert that sank in 1886 in Lake Ontario near Fair Haven, New York. Lake Ontario is one of five Great Lakes on the Canada-U.S. border at the heart» 

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The end of the Great Lakes? Water deal causes concern

The mayor of a small Ontario town is livid over a U.S. decision allowing another small city in the U.S. to draw its water from the Great Lakes. Leamington mayor John Paterson, whose town is on Lake Erie and relies»