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Canada ill-prepared for aging population

Although most won’t know it, Oct. 1 is “National Seniors Day” in Canada. Not a holiday, it is however a day declared by the federal government as a time to appreciate and celebrate seniors, generally considered age 65 and above.» 

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Reducing the toll of medical accidents

We in Canada pride ourselves on a first-class medical system, but statistics show a surprising fact. Tragically, many Canadians who enter hospitals or get home treatment, will suffer injuries, serious complications or even death as a result of medical errors» 

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Will your doctor be replaced by a robot?

Dr. Brian Hodges has a stern warning for future healthcare providers: learn to be caring and compassionate or be replaced by robots in white coats. Advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data will in the near future» 

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Expanding pharmacy services could help save nearly $26B: study

Expanding medical services offered at local pharmacies to help Canadians quit smoking, manage heart disease and offer flu shots could save Canada’s health care system billions of dollars, according to a new report released today by The Conference Board of Canada. The report, entitled» 

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Update: legal challenge to Canada’s public health care

One of the most serious legal challenges to Canada’s public health care system is wrapping up its first session in the British Columbia Supreme Court. Dr Brian Day who operates his own surgical centre, the Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver,» 

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A call for changes to Arctic health care after baby death

A coroner’s inquest into the 2012 death of a three-month old in a remote Arctic community recommends significant changes to health care in the northern territory of Nunavut. The inquest’s jury was unable to determine the exact cause of Makibi» 

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Major case: Canada’s public health care system on trial

Dr. Brian Day, Medical Director of the Cambie Surgery Centre, is challenging B.C.’s ban on the purchase of private insurance for medically necessary services already covered by the public system. © Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press) It is a lawsuit that has» 

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Advocates sue over medical extra billing

An advocacy group is supporting a court case that seeks to oblige the Canadian government to stop doctors in Quebec province from billing patients for services that should be free under Canada’s publicly-funded health care system. Provinces accused of ‘gross» 

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Private vs. public: Battle for Ontario’s health-care system

Canada has long had a publicly-funded health care system. Generally it means that for the majority of medical situations and hospital visits there will be little or no cost to the patient. The provinces however control their own health care» 

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Health care barriers between provinces harmful

If a Canadian is terminally ill and moves to another province to be with family, they may not have access to some health care services normally provided through the publicly-funded medicare plan. The problem is that, in Canada, each province»