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Groups urge government to toughen toxic chemicals law

Five environmental groups say Canada’s law governing toxic chemicals is outdated and they urge the government to amend soon it to protect children and the general population. Muhannad Malas of Environmental Defence uses the example of a class of chemicals» 

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Canadian paediatricians : sports and energy drinks and children don’t mix

For years, a variety of medical authorities have questioned the claimed benefits of sports and energy drinks and suggested moderation or replacement with water. This week the Canadian Paediatric Society issued a clear statement saying sports drinks and energy drinks» 

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Ontario’s first “100 %” smoke-free university

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and has some 22 university institutions. Although many have strict smoking policies and are subject to provincial anti-smoking rules, McMaster University in Hamilton , Ontario, is set to become the first 100%» 

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Talking about food : news and reports by RCI

You want to know more about what Canadians are eating? What’s in their plate and where is it coming from? What grows in Canada and what is the impact of agriculture on the environment? Read Radio Canada International’s reports on» 


The importance of community-based mental health programs in the Arctic

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   This week on Eye on the Arctic, we’re dipping into our video vault for a look at mental health services in the North.  For many northerners in Canada’s remote Arctic communities, the obstacles» 


Talking about health : RCI’s recent reports on medical breakthroughs in Canada

You want to know more about the latest medical breakthroughs and studies in Canada? Read our recent articles on health and research. Over half of doctors have symptoms of burn-out: survey By Lynn Desjardins, Monday 28 August, 2017 A recent survey suggests» 

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A major survey of northern Indigenous health begins

A Canadian research ship will enable a vast survey of the health of Inuit people living in 14 remote communities in Nunavik, a region of Arctic and sub-Arctic land in the province of Quebec. The results will help determine future» 


Pressure mounts to ban junk food marketing to children

The Canadian government has just closed its online public consultations on the plan to ban unhealthy food advertising aimed at children. A coalition of 12 non-governmental organizations will keep up the pressure for it to restrict the commercial marketing of» 

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Union wants action on illegal health fees

Canada has a publicly-funded health care system, but there are several private clinics that charging extra fees for faster service that should be free.  Because of budget shortfalls in many provinces, there have been cuts to services in hospitals. Long» 

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The McIntyre Powder case: miners and neurological disease: Update

Several years ago, Janice Martell’s father developed Parkinson’s but there was no history of that in the family. However Jim Hobbs had been a miner, and was among those obliged by the mine to inhale clouds of microscopic aluminium powder»