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Humanity is at a crossroads: new environmental report

A comprehensive new UN report ties together climate change and other environmental issues and concludes millions of people will die unless urgent action is taken. But it says “the world has the science, technology and finance it need to move» 


Talking about food: news and reports by RCI

You want to know more about what Canadians are eating? What’s in their plate and where is it coming from? What grows in Canada and what is the impact of agriculture on the environment? Read Radio Canada International’s reports on» 

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Campaign aims to get children back to nature

Canadian children are spending more time with screens and less time out in nature and that is having a negative effect on their physical and mental health, says Jill Sturdy, a manage with Nature Canada. This non-profit has worked to» 

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Cannabis: the young developing mind and later depression and suicidal tendencies

A new study finds an apparent association between consuming cannabis when young and a later incidence of depression and suicidal tendencies in young adults. Lead author of the study is Dr Gabriella Gobbi (PhD, M.D.). She is a professor of» 

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Canada’s new food guide stresses importance of eating plant-based foods

Eat vegetables and fruits, whole grain foods and protein foods often, cut out processed meats and foods that contain mostly saturated fat and plenty of sugar. Drink plenty of water. Cook at home and enjoy your meals with family and» 

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Climate change threatens human health: report

As report from the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, says the lack of progress on climate change threatens human lives and the viability of health care systems in Canada and around the world. The report says the most important thing» 

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New immunology discovery to fight cancer and more

The human body is a remarkably complex and yet efficient machine. Scientists are learning more and more about how the machine works and the tiniest parts can play a big role. New discoveries have been taking place in the area» 

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Nursing pain not well evaluated, can affect infant health: study

A new study suggests new mothers often suffer severe pain when breastfeeding, that it is not well assessed and may cause them to stop nursing their babies altogether. Breastfeeding is encouraged in Canada as it has benefits for both mother» 

The LINK Online Oct. 5-7, 2018

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, Marc (video of show at bottom of page) Arctic: International fishing moratorium Canada, the European Union and eight other countries signed Wednesday a legally binding international accord that will protect nearly three million square kilometres» 

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The wonderful world of snake oil promoters and people who believe them

Claims vs science: New Canadian series explores miracle diets, anti-ageing cures, and other wellness fads A Canadian researcher and specialist in health issues has travelled the world looking at all kinds of so-called health remedies. It’s all explored in a»