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Breakfast emphasized for back to school

Children are now heading back to school after a couple of months of summer vacation and dietitians are reminding people how important it is for them to have a nutritious breakfast. Often both parents work and mornings are very rushed,» 

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Smoke from wildfires: health concerns, cancellations

As the many wildfires continue to ravage forests in west coast British Columbia, new health concerns are being raised about smoke pollution. In addition, several airports in the province had to cancel flights as the thick smoke made it too» 

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Talking about food : news and reports by RCI

You want to know more about what Canadians are eating? What’s in their plate and where is it coming from? What grows in Canada and what is the impact of agriculture on the environment? Read Radio Canada International’s reports on» 

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When you eat, as important as what you eat, says researcher

For optimal health, people should only eat over an eight to 10-hour period on a daily basis, says the author of a new book called The Circadian Code. The body’s internal clock is closely attuned to sunrise and sunset, and» 


Feature Interview: International Inuit leader stresses importance of Indigenous voices on world stage

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North.  As global players ramp up interest in the Arctic, the organization representing the world’s Inuit wrapped up their general assembly in Alaska in July with a pledge to» 

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Heart drug valsartan update: Class-action request against drug companies

Requests to launch a class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies over the heart drug valsartan have been filed in Canadian courts Documents were filed late last week to request a national-class action, and in Montreal a similar request was filed for» 

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Could cannabis help dog ailments?

With marijuana available to Canadians to relieve certain medical conditions, there is the possibility it could do the same for pets. Dr Sarah Silcox is President & Director of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine. Testing is now underway» 


Use of vaginal hygiene products and infection risk

A Canadian study shows women using certain hygiene products run three times the risk of vaginal infections. The study by researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario was published in the journal BioMed Central Women’s Health under the title» 

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Alcohol limits too high: new study

A new international study suggests that the recommended limits for drinking alcohol are too high in Canada and many other countries. The study in the Lancet medical journal found that people who consumed more than five glasses of wine or» 

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This Sunday, Soil Your Undies!

No, not like that!- It’s an annual campaign by the Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC)  for people to check the health of the soil on  their property.  This could include your lawn, garden, flowerbed, agricultural field, or soils in»