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Canada history: Mar.1, 1966: the Great Winnipeg Gold Heist

If this was the US they would have made a blockbuster crime-thriller feature film about one of the biggest heists in Canadian history, and the dapper mastermind behind it. Just on his other escapades alone Ken Leishman’s story would have» 


UPDATE: The man with the golden bum

It was a rare but certainly interesting case of theft, and the perpetrator has now been sentenced. An employee of the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa was found to have been stealing gold from the mint. In November of last» 


Canada’s flying bandit and the Great Winnipeg Gold Heist

The Flying Bandit In a strange twist, one of Canada’s most notorious criminals, was actually admired by Canadians. In the 1950’s and 60’s he stole planes, robbed banks,  staged prison breaks and committed one of Canada’s greatest robberies. Born in» 

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History- Sept. 4, 1972, Canada’s biggest art theft still unsolved

It was just like one of the greatest robbery films. It could be a film, should be a film, and it’s surprising it’s not a film The Museum had been established by Montreal’s English-speaking elite, but in thelate 60’s and» 


Canadian banks face somewhat less risk of cyberheist

Canadian banks may be less likely to be hit by the kind of recent, massive cyberattack on ATMs that netted criminals around the world 45 million dollars. Seven men have been arrested so far in the United States, but the»