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….Gone.  Communications historic, heritage building torn down

It was a 10 year effort to save the Commercial Cable Building in Cape Breton, but it’s gone now forever. The building was erected in 1888 and an entire company community, Hazel Hill, was built around it for the employees» 

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Preserving another piece of Canada’s vanishing railway history

Canada’s history is that of it’s railways. For example, the west coast province of British Columbia only agreed to join Canada if a railway was built to link it to the east. Railways brought settlers to the wide open country,» 

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Going, going…last hope for historic building has gone

An old and now decrepit building in Nova Scotia is on the verge of being torn down. It’s not just any old building though, it is what’s left of The Commercial Cable Company building in Nova Scotia. It was through» 

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Maud set to finally return home, a century later.

The 36.5 metre long Maud was a purpose-built ship designed with the technology of the early 20th century specifically to conquer the Arctic sea and ice. Maud was built near Oslo and Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen intended to sail» 

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Historic “jellybean houses” …gone

They were older than Canadian confederation itself. And they survived the great Saint John fire of 1877 which burned about 80% of the then existing city. But, they couldn’t survive local government. The three Saint John jellybean houses, so-called because» 

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New designation for historic lighthouse

The East Point lighthouse on Prince Edward Island has just been named “Canada’s Confederation Lighthouse”. For many decades, even a century or more in some cases, Canada’s many lighthouses were a much welcomed beacon to sailors. With modern technology like» 

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Suggest world heritage sites, asks government

The environment minister wants Canadians to suggest places of cultural, historic and natural significance to add to Canada’s list of nominees as UNESCO world heritage sites. There are already 18 designated sites in this country and more than 1,000 worldwide.» 

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KB-882: Who will save this war veteran?

Will our Canadian heritage Lancaster KB-882 be left to crumble and die in Canada, or be taken out of the country? While it appeared that last year an aviation museum in Edmonton, Alberta, would move the plane and begin restoration,» 


Canada’s threatened heritage

Canada’s iconic wooden grain elevators, a wooden Ukrainian church, the prairie grasslands, a particular lighthouse- these are all parts of Canadian heritage that have been listed as ‘threatened’ this year. The annual list of top ten heritage locations and structures» 

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‘Most Asian city outside Asia’ celebrates heritage

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and the city of Vancouver is hosting a myriad of activities to celebrate its rich diversity and history. “Following the Silk Routes and Beyond in Vancouver” is an interactive photo exhibition “celebrating the»