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Canada History – 7 June 1939: the Tragedy of the MS St Louis

The MS St Louis was a smallish, but well-appointed trans-Atlantic passenger liner of the Hamburg-America line. In 1939 it was already clear to the Jewish population in Germany that they weren’t welcome and things could get much worse. It was» 


Asian Heritage Month: union calls for celebration

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and the country’s largest labour union is urging its members to take part in events and to show solidarity against laws and policies that target racialized communities. The Public Service Alliance of Canada» 

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History: April 23, 1906 Alberta introduces speed limits

The newly invented technology of the automobile was quickly catching on around the world, and with it, problems. The western prairie province of Alberta which had only joined the Canadian Confederation in 1905, saw its first automobile arrive in 1901.» 


‘Anne of Green Gables’ author featured in new video

After several rejections, a novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery was published in 1908, became wildly popular, and launched a career which included 20 novels adapted into at least 36 languages. The novel Anne of Greene Gables is still» 

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The detailed genetic history of elephants

Mammoths, mastodons, straight-tusked elephants, and living species; an international team of scientists have established the most complete genomic history of elephants. They’re produced complete genomes of 14 species, from long extinct, to living elephant species. Evolutionary geneticist Hendrik Poinar (PhD)» 

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Public broadcaster music library closing, CDs to be digitised, destroyed

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC (English) and Radio-Canada (French) is going through massive changes. Update As mentioned in its news release of December 12, 2017, Radio-Canada is taking the necessary steps to ensure the long-term preservation of its collections of vinyl» 

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Removing Cornwallis- facts vs modern social justice agenda

Recently the bronze statue of Edward Cornwallis was removed from a park in Halifax. It is the city he founded in 1749. A military officer, his mission was to establish a strong British presence on the east coast of mainland» 


Positive change for black youth in Ontario is project goal

The Toronto company, Urban Rez Solutions has launched a three-pronged project as part of a province of Ontario government campaign to reduce violence for its black citizens. The government has committed $47 million over four years to its Black Youth» 

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Statue of Cornwallis, city founder removed: rewriting history?

(public commenting open at very bottom of page) Edward Cornwallis was a British career officer when he arrived in the rough lands of Nova Scotia in 1749. His orders were to create a colony with his 2,500 settlers and soldiers,» 

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Black History Month 2018 : Canada creates new stamps

February each year marks the celebration of Black History Month in Canada, and although we’re still a week away from the official start, Canada Post has already begun to set the stage. This year, as they have in past years.»