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History Canada: April 1, 1924, The Royal Canadian Air Force is formed

When the First World War began in 1914 aviation was still in its earliest infancy. War has a way however of driving technological advances and soon aircraft became a major factor in the war. At first, Canadian aviators became members» 

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Canada History: March 18, 1892: The greatest trophy in hockey

In the late 1800’s ice hockey was gaining in popularity thoughout North America, especially in Canada, as well as in some northern U.S cities, where it had been introduced as much by Canadian students studying at U.S. universities as any» 

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Canada history: March 12, 1930: the tragic end of one of the greatest fighter aces of WWI

Canada’s William Barker is the British Commonwealth’s most decorated war hero, yet few people really remember the First World War fighter ace today. With a score of 50 planes shot down, and several heavily defended observation balloons, he was among» 

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Canada History, March 11, 1935: the first “Canadian” banknotes

It wasn’t until 1935 that Canada had what could be classed as “official unified Canadian” banknotes. There had been a variety of banknotes issued both before and after Confederation in 1867, but these consisted of the many banks across the» 

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Canada history: January 25 1995: Two minutes to nuclear war.

When a Canadian designed rocket almost caused nuclear war After the second world war, the world’s powers began to be interested in rockets and missiles. Canada began researching solid rocket fuels for anti-ballistic missiles and to test them began work» 

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Revisiting the controversy of Sir John A. Macdonald

For most of Canada’s history, Sir John A Macdonald has been revered as the father of Confederation, the man who in large part created the country out of disparate British colonies. In recent years, his reputation has come under fire» 

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A curse of the lost Franklin expedition?

The small Inuit community of Gjoa Haven is reeling from a spate of recent deaths in the community.  In a two-week period, an accident with an ATV claimed two lives, a father and son drowned, a local school teacher had» 

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Canada History: Beginning of radio (maybe), Dec.12, 1901

First transatlantic wireless signal On a chilly windy December 12, in 1901 history was made, or perhaps “claimed” to have been made. Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi said he had received a number of scratchy clicks on his telegraphy receiving equipment» 

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Hill 70 Victoria Cross: A small but vital piece of Canadian history saved

(public comments open on all RCI stories- comments will be posted after moderating) It’s just a tiny bit of low-quality bronze, almost worthless, but what it represents makes it almost priceless. It is the Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth’s highest honour» 


Canadian history videos feature science, creativity, innovation

It is Canada History Week from November 19 to 25, 2018 and a non-profit has prepared a series of short videos to illustrate this year’s theme of science, creativity and innovation. The shorts will historic achievements by Canadians from diverse»