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Hill 70 Victoria Cross: A small but vital piece of Canadian history saved

(public comments open on all RCI stories- comments will be posted after moderating) It’s just a tiny bit of low-quality bronze, almost worthless, but what it represents makes it almost priceless. It is the Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth’s highest honour» 


Canadian history videos feature science, creativity, innovation

It is Canada History Week from November 19 to 25, 2018 and a non-profit has prepared a series of short videos to illustrate this year’s theme of science, creativity and innovation. The shorts will historic achievements by Canadians from diverse» 

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Remembering the fallen through place names

All across Canada, important battles and names of fallen Canadians have been remembered by naming certain geographical features. These could be lakes, towns, islands, parks, mountains. etc Now in time for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First» 

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Ancient fortifications discovered in Quebec City

Some of the earliest fortifications in North America have been uncovered in Quebec City. While excavating for a new condo project in the “old city” portion of Quebec City, workers came across some bits of waterlogged wood deep in the» 

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Centennial of the end of the First World War: The World Remembers project

It was an international project produced by Canadian actor and playwright, R.H. Thomson and a non-profit organisation It’s called “The World Remembers”. Each centennial year of the war, the war dead have been remembered by projecting their names onto a» 

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More on the Macdonald controversy in Canada

In recent years there has been much media attention to groups seeking to change the historic narrative of the founder of Canada, Sir John A Macdonald. Because of his involvement in creating the residential school system there have been calls» 

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The lost Franklin expedition in the Arctic: new research

When Sir John Franklin left Britain with two ships and 129 sailors in 1845, it was to be an epic adventure to discover the fabled Northwest Passage to the Orient. Possibly the most prepared exploration of the Canadian Arctic at» 

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Historic Avro Arrow test model recovered

Postwar intercepter: Conspiracies, myths, legends An early test model of the legendary Canadian Avro Arrow intercepter, has been brought to the surface from the bottome of Lake Ontario where it had lain for over 60 years. The CF-105 Avro (A.V.» 

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The story of piracy and of one of the greatest pirates in history

Black Bart and the “golden age” of piracy under sail The movies would have you believe pirates were chivalrous and handsome, like Errol Flynn, or likeable rogues like “Captain Jack Sparrow”, or Robert Newton as the colourful “Long John Silver”» 

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Canada History: July 11, 1990, the crisis and death at Oka

Quebec provincial pollce officer killed during attack It was a conflict –a land dispute-that had its origins as far back as the early 1700’s. It reached a boiling point and international headlines on this day, July 11, 1990. That was»