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Frustration, sadness, anger and disappointment greet immigration process

Such is life in the 21st Century. Eleven minutes after the agency charged with–among other things–helping family members bring other family members from overseas to Canada, the process shut down. Eleven minutes. The quota had been reached. It was all» 

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Lunar New Year celebrations planned at immigration museum

New Year practices from Japanese, Filipino and Chinese cultures will be celebrated on February 2, 2019 at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in the eastern city of Halifax. The museum is located at the seaport where nearly» 

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U.S. study gives Canada top points for attracting highly skilled immigrants

Canada scored high in many categories in a recently released survey of 12 countries comparing attitudes towards attracting highly skilled immigrants. Canada is in the first place when it comes to the education levels of its immigrant population. Nearly two-thirds» 

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Huge money-laundering operation in British Columbia alleged

The Attorney-General in the west coast province of British Columbia is expressing surprise and deep concern about reports indicating the province is the scene for astronomical amounts of money laundering. Last year a special report called “Dirty Money” commissioned by» 

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‘National security concern’ gets residency in bureaucratic bungle

As reports from Washington suggest that the U.S. wants to increase its focus on its northern border, officials in Ottawa are grappling with what’s being called a “completely unacceptable” mistake that allowed a person of “national security concern” to be granted» 

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Immigration: benefit or burden?

Is immigration an opportunity, an asset for Canada or just a costly burden for Canadians? It’s a complex question to which there are no easy answers: there are so many conflicting figures, cases, ideological constructs, or simply political spin, perceptions» 

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Birth tourism: maybe it is a bigger problem after all

Canada is among a relatively small number of countries, mostly in the western hemisphere that allows automatic citizenship to anyone born here. What has been happening increasingly is that women from abroad are coming to Canada to have their “Canadian”» 

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Immigration: benefit or burden?

(First published in March 2017) As soon as the word “immigration” is uttered, it incites a litany of opinions and questions. Is there a Canadian equivalent of the American dream for immigrants? Who are these immigrants to Canada? Where do» 

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Survey: Canadian attitudes on immigration hardening?

(public comments open on all RCI stories – scroll to bottom to submit. Comments will be posted after moderation) For the past several decades, Canadians have generally been favourable to immigration, but a recent survey shows there may be a» 


Immigration celebrated by museum on Canada Day

To celebrate the 151th anniversary of the confederation of Canada, Canadians are invited to reaffirm their citizenship alongside people who will be sworn in as new Canadian citizens on July 1, 2018. The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21»