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Strep A infections worry health authorities

Health authorities in the province of Ontario have issued an alert about an ongoing outbreak of group A streptococcus. This bacteroa causes skin and throat infections and can be mild, but it sometimes becomes invasive and can cause death. Nine» 

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It’s ‘Stop! Clean Your Hands Day’

Sounds silly? Not when you learn that every year 220,000 Canadian patients acquire an infection while in hospital and an estimated 8,000 of them die from it. And the best way to prevent these infections is by cleaning one’s hands» 

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Fighting Chagas

It does not have the profile of many other insect-borne diseases, but in parts of the world like remote villages in Bolivia and elsewhere the infection rate is high. Chagas is known as the silent disease. One can be infected» 

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Health concerns over critical heart surgery machine

A critical piece of equipment used especially in open heart surgeries is now in question. A warning has been issued that the equipment may transmit a rare slow-developing bacteria known as  non-tuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM). Letters have been sent to thousands» 

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Medicine will cut ‘shocking’ lung infections in Inuit babies

Indigenous babies in parts of Canada’s north have the highest rates of serious lung infection in the world, research shows. But it also shows that giving a medicine called palivizumab to prevent infection can dramatically reduce that rate in some» 

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World Health Organization: Concern over resistant sex diseases

Every year millions are treated for sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD- STI), but every year it’s becoming more difficult to cure them. That’s because the various strains are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. Health officials say continued» 

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Tropical parasitic infection found in the Arctic

Researchers were surprised to find an intestinal parasite usually found in the tropics has been making people sick in Canada’s Arctic in the province of Quebec. Cryptosporidium causes diarrhea and vomiting and is a leading cause of death from diarrhea» 

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Canadian lab to study zika and Canadian mosquitoes

A Canadian university is to study the potential of Canadian mosquitoes to acquire and transmit the Zika virus. Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario is the only academic institution in the country with a level-3 containment rating and an insectary.» 

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Breastfeeding would help aboriginal babies: study

Promoting breastfeeding among aboriginal women could lead to “a substantial reduction in common infections and even deaths that are more common in Indigenous infants,” says a news release from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Compared to other Canadian children, aboriginal» 

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Epidemics expert: spend millions now to save billions later.

As humans push into more remote areas they are coming into contact with diseases rarely encountered before. Diseases confined to animals for example are now being transferred to human hosts, and then develop into disease which can be spread from»