Penitentiary farms to reopen with goats and cows

The Canadian government will reopen two farm operations in the province of Ontario to employ and instruct prison inmates. The farms were started in the 1880s but were shut down by the conservative government in 2010. Hundreds of people campaigned» 

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Providing needles to inmates too dangerous: officials

Senior penitentiary officials say providing clean syringes to prisoners to stem infections would be too dangerous, reports Canadian Press. Former prisoner and advocacy groups have gone to court to argue the current policy of not providing needles in penitentiaries violates» 


Use of solitary confinement drops in federal prisons

The number of inmates in indefinite solitary confinement in federal penitentiaries has gone down by half over the past two years, reports The Globe and Mail newspaper. Shortly after being elected in October 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for» 


Prisons fail to detail inmate deaths for families: watchdog

Too often, when inmates die in federal penitentiaries their families are left frustrated and suspicious because they are not given enough information about what happened, found Canada’s prison watchdog. He has issued a report on the issue called “In the Dark.”» 

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Prison ombudsman calls solitary risky, damaging

In even stronger than ususal tones, Canada’s correctional investigator has again called for limits on the use of solitary confinement in penitentiaries. The investigator is charged with hearing complaints from those incarcerated for more than two years, investigating deaths in» 

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Canadian prison inmates upset over cut in wages

Sudden cuts to already small wages of Canadian prison inmates has caused work stoppages, petitions, and calls for corrections authorities to reconsider the impact of the cuts. Inmate wages were set in 1981. Since then they were raised 10 cents.»