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Airlines ratings: on time-or not, and dealing with complaints

In fact a new survey puts two major Canadian airlines near the top and well down on customer satisfaction. The European company, Claim Compass rates some 150 airlines around the world for customer satisfaction in terms of flight delays, and» 

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Fledgling women’s hockey league folds

It began in 2007 to promote hockey as a professional sport option for women, but now the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) Board of Directors has announced that the league cannot continue and will cease operations on May 1. A» 

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World happiness list: Where does your country fit?

Nordic countries happiest “Happy as a Finn”. Perhaps if the trend keeps up this could become a new expression in language.The seventh annual world happiness survey is out. Produced for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network it surveys 156» 

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‘Dance Your PhD’-competition: Canada wins!

You may have heard of the 1-minute elevator pitch competitions or maybe the 3-minute Thesis competition, but a form of both involving scientific research that is not only information but entertaining and fun is the International  Dance Your PhD competition.» 

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New international sports body to empower athletes

CBC/BBC announce new group to give international-level athletes a strong voice A former top executive of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and a top Olympic cyclist are behind a new athlete-based international sports body. Called Global Athlete, the new body» 

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Another major sports event host backs out

The officially bilingual province of New Brunswick has backed out of hosting the international Francophone games. Known as the “Jeux de la Francophonie” the combined cities of Moncton-Dieppe had planned to host the games in 2021, but now say the» 

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Canada: The incredible amount of food wasted

A new study claims almost 60 per cent of food produced in Canada ends up wasted. From day-old breads, to products with an expired or soon to be expired “best before” date, to “not perfect” looking produce to overproduction of» 

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Major North American trade deal signed, what now?

Known colloquially as NAFTA 2.0, the newly renegotiated trade deal involving Canada, the U.S, and Mexico is called either USMCA, or CUSMA, or simply the “new NAFTA” The name is not important however. It has been hailed as a victory» 

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Khashoggi mystery: international reaction limited to “concern”

Some media outlets are reporting alleged new and horrific details regarding the mysterious disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Circumstantial evidence would seem to indicate a murder inside the embassy, something the Saudis have denied. International reaction has been muted,» 

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Culture Day in Quebec

Every year, the province holds “culture day” in which various cultural institutions open their doors to the public in a kind of exposition of what they do and what they offer. Here in Montreal, the headquarters centre of the domestic»