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Better climate adaptation strategies needed across the Arctic

Climate change continues to transform the Arctic at an unprecedented rate but adaptation strategies continue to lag behind, says a series of new international reports released on Tuesday. The Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) issued the reports as» 

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Canadian province of Quebec puts Arctic on international agenda

The Canadian province of Quebec included the Arctic as a top priority in its new international policy this month, but questions remain as to how this renewed focus will benefit northerners back home in the province. The new 10-year policy focuses» 

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WWF study finds gaping holes in ability to respond to Arctic ship fuel spills

..response plans rely on capacities and methods that may not  exist or cannot be adapted in remote communities to respond to a ship-based spill. WWF The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a report on the ability of Canada to deal» 

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Q&A: Impact assessments in the Arctic – What Canada and Greenland can learn from each other

MONTREAL — A major conference on the challenges climate change poses for doing impact assessments,wound up in Canada on Friday. Delegates from around the world gathered for the four-day event, but the North got a day-long spotlight during the conference’s Arctic-Nordic forum on doing assessments» 


Canadian NGO wins Google grant to build ‘Wikipedia of Inuit knowledge’

A Canadian NGO working with Inuit and Cree communities in the rapidly changing Hudson Bay region is one of five winners of the $5-million Google.org Impact Challenge. The Arctic Eider Society’s SIKU project to harness and preserve Inuit traditional knowledge» 

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Update: Seismic oil and gas exploration in Arctic waters postponed again

It has been controversial since it was first proposed by a consortium of oil and gas companies in 2011.  The consortium wants to conduct seismic exploration off the coast of Baffin Island but have faced strong opposition to the plan.» 

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Video: Arctic Hunting Now

On a recent Eye on the Arctic reporting trip to Nunavut, we ran into a young hunter named Robin Aupilaq Avaala. Or maybe more accurately, he found us. We were shooting a story in the Arctic Canadian community of Baker Lake,» 

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Video: Gathering science in the Arctic

Earlier this month, Eye on the Arctic launched Part 1 of our documentary series Is climate change making the muskoxen sick on Victoria Island?, looking at how climate change is affecting the health of muskoxen in Canada’s Arctic islands and the» 

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Technological help to deal with unpredictable ice and Arctic climate change

Canadian researchers develop unique “SmartICE” technology For Inuit communities in Canada’s far north, the freezing of the Arctic sea is vital as a central part of their culture of the Arctic. For eons, Inuit have travelled across the sea-ice for» 

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Eye on the Arctic: Video Archive

In the run up to the launch of Eye on the Arctic’s next multimedia project this winter, we’ve dug into our archives to bring you some of our most popular videos from past projects. This week, we bring you an»