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How non-Christians helped create Christmas spirit

The popular Christmas tunes we know so well: Jewish creations Most people don’t realize that a great many of the iconic songs of Christmas were in fact created by Jewish entertainers. A new –and rather unique- film looks at this» 

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Canadian Muslim site advocates for female circumcision

How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women (Asiff Hussein -Muslims in Calgary website) The article first appeared quietly on an Islamic website in Calgary Alberta, in July,» 


Hate crimes up five per cent in 2015

New government statistics show that hate crimes reported to police increased by five per cent in Canada in 2015. Attacks against Muslims and Arab or West Asian communities accounted for most of the increase. Government statistics involve crimes that were» 

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Anger escalates over a painting at Canadian University

A Canadian media-mogul has pulled his financial support from one of Canada’s biggest universities.  It’s all about a paiinting Paul Bronfman, chairman of Pinewood Studios Toronto, and William White International (supplier of film production equipment) has long been a major» 

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Rabbis rule marijuana need not be certified kosher

Canada’s largest kosher certification agency has ruled that cannabis oil used for medicinal purposes does not need to be certified, reports Canadian Press. Kosher certification guarantees that foods conform to Jewish law which has strict rules about the types of»