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Judges to mentor minority lawyers in Nova Scotia

Indigenous and black lawyers in the province of Nova Scotia who want to become judges can now benefit from a mentorship program offered by the judiciary. As it now stands, out of 104 judges, five are black, three are Indigenous,» 

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New judges bring more diversity to Nova Scotia courts

People discouraged by the backward steps facing women and minorities under the new U.S. Trump administration can take some consolation from what is going on Canada. For example, the eastern province of Nova Scotia has just appointed a black woman» 

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Government to reduce mandatory minimum sentences

The Liberal government elected in late 2015 is planning to roll back some of its predecessors tough-on-crime legislation including some mandatory minimum sentences. Judges used to have very wide discretion when sentencing people found guilty of most crimes, murder being» 

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Criticism of Justice Minister’s comment: Women ‘simply aren’t applying’ for judgeships

Comments made by Canada’s Justice Minister Peter MacKay about the dearth of women and visible minorities in federally appointed courts that they just “aren’t applying” stunned lawyers at a meeting in Toronto June 13, and became the focus of questions»