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Agreement soon on high Arctic fishing in international waters?

The area under discussions is almost 3 million sq/km of ocean beyond the boundaries of Arctic nations known as the Arctic doughnut hole Recently two relatively small sailing yachts on a British expedition made it almost to the North Pole.» 

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Japan’s sex slaves in WWII. “The Apology”

It is another tragic chapter of WWII.  The Japanese Imperial Army forced tens of thousands of girls and young women from occupied lands to become sex slaves for their soldiers. Strange as it may seem, this horrible tale is not» 

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History: Nov 22-26 1951 Korea: We will not retreat

“in the event the battalion is attacked, there will be NO withdrawal, NO platoons overrun, and NO panics”. LCol Jacques Dextraze R22eR November in Korea 1951 was alternately rainy and snowy. It was bitterly cold, muddy and it was war.» 

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Unknown soldiers: finally finding names, closure

It is at one and the same time a sad, but also rewarding task: discovering the identities of the unknown fallen soldiers on the battlefields around the world. In Canada that work is performed by a special department which works» 

Negotiations to control fishing at the top of the world

Arctic nations and several others will meet in Iqaluit in northern Canada this week to discuss controls for a potential Arctic fishery in international waters. The meeting takes place in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada from July 6-8. Since the beginning of» 

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Imjin Classic hockey

A vandoos player takes a shot on net at the 2014 Imjin Classic in Ottawa. The Vandoos went on to win the game against the PPCLI 7-4 © Richard Lawrence Photography (with permission) What if they held a war, and a» 


Forgotten War: Canadians arrive in Korea Dec 18, 1950

To a world still reeling from the Second World War and still very fresh in everyone’s mind, another war, a small localized one, was not something a weary public was interested in. However when Communist North Korea invaded South Korea»