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Big and bearded and sexy for charity

They’re known as the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club. And they’re showing off their furry manly charms as mermen, or in a more Newfoundlandish way, Merb’ys (mer boys).  Hasan Hal is the man behind the effort. Hasan Hai» 

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Inuit traditional knowledge to guide marine management plan off Labrador coast

The Inuit in northern Labrador and the federal government signed a deal Thursday evening that will see the Inuit use their traditional knowledge to develop Canada’s first Indigenous protected marine area off the coast of Labrador at the eastern approaches» 

Historic discovery about life on Earth found in Labrador

Did life on Earth begin in Labrador, or at least what is now called Labrador, part of Canada’s East Coast province of Newfoundland and Labrador? Could be. At least, until researchers find something older. In an article published Wednesday in» 


Labrador Innu slam Ottawa’s foot dragging on funding for foster care program

The federal government’s indecision in funding a critical community-developed foster care program for Innu children in Labrador is leading to devastating loss of identity, culture and language in dozens of children who are placed in care far from their communities» 

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Technological help to deal with unpredictable ice and Arctic climate change

Canadian researchers develop unique “SmartICE” technology For Inuit communities in Canada’s far north, the freezing of the Arctic sea is vital as a central part of their culture of the Arctic. For eons, Inuit have travelled across the sea-ice for» 


What’s the connection between Newfoundland police, and the Republicans and Donald Trump?

It’s an interesting facet of the new technological age. Police in Newfoundland and Labrador have had their twitter account overrun by messaged destined for the Republican convention and Donald Trump. You see, the official name of the police in Canada’s»