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Canadian troops once again guard Buckingham Palace

Canadian troops have once again been named to perform as the Queen’s Guard in London. Some 80 members of the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) are heading to the UK along with 35 members of the Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) band.» 

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Canadian air force guards Queen

For the first time in its history, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is helping guard Queen Elizabeth in London, England. Over 120 members of the RCAF are part of the first non-infantry contingent from Canada to take part in» 

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Canada’s pipeline battle follows Prime Minister to London

Canada is embroiled in an increasingly bitter battle over an oil pipeline. The Trans Mountain pipeline would see the American headquartered company, Kinder Morgan, build a pipeline from the Alberta oil-sands across the Rocky Mountains, through British Columbia to the» 

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Canada Day 150- heightened security

Canada’s official birthday, July 1st, is always celebrated with great fanfare in celebrations in cities and towns across the country. The biggest event is of course in the national capital, Ottawa.  Crowds are likely to be even bigger than the» 

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Quebec takes provincial diplomacy to new levels

He doesn’t carry a full-fledged diplomatic passport but Christos Sirros is Quebec’s top diplomat in the United Kingdom. As Agent-General at the Quebec Government Office in London, his job is to represent the interests of the French-speaking Canadian province not» 

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Studying society’s morals of the past; Jessica Steinberg

We often think of the Victorian era as one being very moralistic and prudish, but that attitude was around long beforehand. Jessica Steinberg (PhD, ASECS fellow) at the McMaster University library ancient books collection in Hamilton Ontario © JD Howell- McMaster» 

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Former foreign affairs minister at official re-opening of Canada House with Queen

There was some puzzlement on both sides of the Altantic on Thursday (February 19) as Canada’s former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was present as the Queen participated in an official reopening of Canada’s High Commission in London. Baird, who had» 

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Canadian researcher discovers Roman history hiding in plain sight

The impressive Trajan’s Column  has stood for almost 2,000 years in the centre of Rome. The column at 30 metres tall, has a helical frieze of 195 metres in length winding its way up the column.  For hundreds of years» 

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Young Saskatoon boy heading to World Championship of Irish Dancing

Caleb Hawryliw is just 12 years-old, but he’s going to perform in the Olympics…well, the Olympics of Irish dancing. The Saskatchewan native, from the city of Saskatoon, will soon join hundreds of other dancers at the World Irish Dancing Championships,»