Interactive Canadian ebook seeks to make Arctic climate science accessible

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North An interactive ebook focused on research in Canada’s Hudson Bay area, and its wider connection to the Arctic, has been released in an effort to make climate science» 

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Manitoba cancels its carbon tax program

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says his government is pulling the plug on its own carbon tax plan, defying the federal government’s carbon pricing strategy and joining a growing list of provinces opposed to Ottawa’s demands. Pallister says Ottawa has not respected» 

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Manitoba reports a spike in liqour store thefts

It’s become brazen.  People are walking into liquor stores, picking up some bottles and simply walking out without paying. The losses have become substantial. In Canada, liquor sales are controlled through provincial government stores. The Manitoba Liqour and Lotteries agency» 


Garbage Hill: the prank people want to come back

Mystery sign came and went-but may come again In Winnipeg everyone knows about the large park-like covered mound in the middle of the city. It’s a popular spot for walkers, joggers, cyclists and dog owners. The hill was in fact» 

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Some hope at last for Arctic port of Churchill, Manitoba

Rail line to be revived. It’s a small community on the shore of Hudson Bay, currently with a population of perhaps 1,000 souls. Washed out in 2017, the town has been without rail access as the owners and government argue» 


Vulnerable homeowners warned against underhanded buyers

There have been several complaints in the province of Manitoba about people using aggressive tactics to try to by homes for lower-than-market prices from vulnerable owners. The Manitoba Securities Commission says people are targeting homeowners who are experiencing financial distress» 


Polar bears, climate change and growing concern

There are 19 subpopulations of polar bears spread throughout the Arctic, and while some are doing alright, others have already begun to feel the effects of climate change. Among them is the population around the western shore of Hudson Bay,» 

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Another (ancient) giant comes back to Manitoba

Morden is a small Manitoba city near the border with the U.S. but it is becoming known for a couple of big things. First came the fossil, then a life-sized outdoor replica of a mosasaur, a fearsome 15 metre aquatic» 

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Canadian town stranded by weather and an American-owned railway

The Arctic town and port of Churchill  in northern Manitoba is remote. There are no roads to get there and only a single rail line running from the port, some 900 km south to the town of The Pas where» 


Canadian knife maker sends crafts worldwide

Marc Liss likes to salvage materials like strong saw blades, old whisky barrels and bison horn as well as wood from around the world to craft knives that are unique and beautiful. He and his partner, Kayla Penelton, founded a»