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Discovering a new detection for prostate cancer

There’s no doubt prostate cancer is deadly. It is the most common cancer diagnosed in men (21300 estimated in 2017), and the third leading cause of cancer death in men (4100 estimated 2017). New research has led to a detection» 

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Breastfeeding: study shows another benefit from birth to teen years

It is one of the biggest research evaluations of the benefits of breastfeeding. In a longterm study, breastfeeding was shown to clearly reduce incidence of eczema in babies and youth from birth through to 16 years of age. Dr. Michael» 

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Health issues in pregnancy increase later risk for moms and dads

Women who develop diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy are at much greater risk of getting both as well as heart disease in the years after the baby is born, and fathers have increased risk too, according to a» 

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International research into global warming and plant change

Many people are noticing that plants seem to be changing their cycle, and flowering and producing fruit earlier than in the past.  This seems to be a reaction to global warming in which the summers appear to be arriving earlier.» 

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New fathers: information site on the way

Many expectant fathers, and recent dads, have found they seem to be left out when it comes to advice about the transition to parenthood. A new comprehensive web site will seek to include this previously ignored segment of society. Deborah» 

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Unlocking some of the mystery of autism: early indications

We’re still a long way from understanding the causes of autism, but new research has shown some brain developmental issues even as early as 6-12 months in a baby, can be related to autism symptoms later in life. John Lewis» 

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How your body clock and parasitic infections are connected

We have long known that are bodies have internal “clocks” which create circadian rhythms in our bodies. But it seems these rhythms also affect our response to infection, meaning there are times when the immune system is more active, or» 

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Exploring mysteries of space: Unique 3D space telescope opens in Canada

It’s far different looking than your typical idea of a telescope, and unlike most others, has no moving parts. The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment is known as CHIME and the last piece was symbolically added today by Canada’s Science» 

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Erosion alarm for Herschel Island in the High Arctic

Many stories in recent years have told how climate change is thawing permafrost in the Arctic. Stories also mention how a shorter ice season and stronger storms are also causing shore erosion throughout the Arctic. This year scientists on Herschel» 

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Problems identifying smells may predict Alzheimer’s: study

A new study out of McGill University suggests that testing someone’s ability to identify smells could reveal the presence of Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. This is important because early detection of dementia could eventually allow for early treatment»