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New combo therapy kills some drug-resistant bacteria

The World Health Organization has warned about the looming danger of bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics and now some Canadian researchers think they have found a possible solution. Some bacteria have a protective shell There are several bacteria» 

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Rare ancient book acquired in Canada: The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela.

In the mid 1100’s, and some 100 years before Marco Polo would travel some of the same routes, a Jewish merchant embarked upon an amazing 13 year journey throughout present-day Spain, Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle-East. His name was» 

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Autism gene found that could lead to drug therapy

Scientists have discovered a particular gene that has mutations that affect people with autism spectrum disorder. These alterations change the way brain cells grow and communicate with each other.  Discovery of changes in this specific gene, DIXDC, could help find» 

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Study links internet addiction to mental health problems

A new study suggests that 42 per cent of 18 year old students are addicted to the internet and they have more mental health problems than those who are not. Researchers at McMaster University devised a new measure to determine» 

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Canadian research creates ‘fountain of youth’, (or close to it)

The fountain of youth is supposed to reverse ageing.  We’re not there yet, but maybe we can slow the effects of ageing, and improve brain function and retain the senses of sight and smell in the process. Researchers using a» 

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Lose fat, gain muscle in 28 days, extremely intense but possible

If you want to lose weight very quickly, and gain muscle..good news it can be done.  A new study proves it. The bad news is, it’s really really hard, and requires extreme discipline, Stuart M. Phillips (Ph.D., FACSM, FACN) led» 

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You are what you tweet

It appears Canadians are more polite than Americans Two PhD candidates at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, studied “geo-linguistic” differences, between two countries where English is the primary language, and were among the first to conduct such research. Daniel Schmidtke» 

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Early flu shots may stave off other illnesses

Getting the flu and other respiratory illnesses might cause inflammation which later may contribute to dementia, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, according to a recent study. Campaigns are on now across Canada to try to convince people to get their annual» 

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Gut bacteria influences celiac disease: study

Canadian researchers have discovered that the bacteria that live in our intestines may affect the body’s response to gluten, and that could eventually lead to treatments for celiac disease. This disease affects about 300,000 Canadians. When they eat wheat, rye» 

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TPP trade deal: Economist not convinced of promised benefits

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a vast, comprehensive 12 nation deal, which includes Canada. Many promises have been made to Canadians about how it will open up new markets for Canadian goods. Atif Kubursi (PhD) is professor emeritus of economics at»