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Outrage over memorial having far right, racist overtones

Barbara Kulaszka died last month at age 64 in Brighton, Ontario, a town located about halfway between Toronto and Kingston. A librarian turned lawyer, her death passed virtually unnoticed by most and was only publicized on Tuesday of this week.» 

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North Atlantic climate change research underway

An ambitious research project is underway between the Atlantic province of Newfoundland, and Ireland. Scientists from six countries are aboard a research vessel making a slow transit across the North Atlantic stopping to measure carbon dioxide levels in the ocean» 

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100 years since Canada became a world nation at Vimy Ridge

About 25,000 people are in northern France this weekend to commemorate the centennial of a major event in Canadian and world history. They are gathering at a high ground about half way between the French cities of Arras and Lens.» 


Halifax memorial honours WWI soldiers

A memorial was unveiled in the eastern city of Halifax today to honour the tens of thousands of Canadian soldiers who left from there to fight in World War I and never returned. Canada was a colony of Britain so» 

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Newfoundland offers a very unique ship simulator for offshore supply vessels.

It’s a unique, and extremely valuable training tool for those seeking to pilot ships working around the deep sea oil drilling platforms. Memorial University of Newfound and Labrador has just completed installation of an extremely high-tech new teaching tool called» 

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‘Nigger’ motivates petition against still official place names in Quebec.

‘Nigger’ and the word in French, ‘negre’ are still  in use officially in the province of Quebec as the names of at least 11 sights or places. And Rachel Zellars says it’s time to change that. Rachel Zellars, is a» 

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Proposed Monuments continue to cause controversy

Two major monuments envisaged for Canada continue to elicit controversy and resistance. In once case the large monument slated for Cape Breton Highlands National Park in east coast Canada, had seen some big names withdrawn. That monument to Canada’s war» 

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Controversial monument slated for national capital

It’s called the National Monument to Victims of Communism. A large, multi-million dollar memorial to be built on prime federal land donated by the government near the Supreme Court, Justice Building and the Library and Archives buildings. Ludwik Klimkowski, is» 

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New health concerns over a recent tiny, and annoying arrival in Canada

Mosquitoes in Canada have become more than just an extremely annoying nuisance. As vectors carrying disease, they can be of great concern. Certainly in Canada in recent years a species carrying West Nile disease has been a concern. Now in» 

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Canada’s Mandela delegation includes the PM, three former PMs

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper was joined by three former prime ministers as he arrived on a Government of Canada plane in South Africa Monday (December 9) for the Nelson Mandela memorial. Former prime ministers Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell and»