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Canadian animal activists optimistic about the future of their cause

Say one thing for the people in Canada’s animal rights movement–there’s no quit in any of them. About 50 protesters gathered along a stretch of highway east of Ottawa in March, where a lion was shot dead after it escaped» 

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Hussen says 1200 Yazidis will be in Canada by year’s end

The government says it has settled nearly 800 Yazidi women and girls and others fleeing atrocities committed by militants belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen shared the figures in the House of Commons» 

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Canada reaffirms commitment to bring in Yazidi refugees

With less than two days left on a Parliament-mandated deadline to relocate to Canada persecuted Yazidi refugees from northern Iraq, the federal government says it remains devoted to meeting its commitment but has yet to unveil any details. “Canada has»