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Worrisome discovery near North Pole

A British team of researchers aboard two small ice strengthened yachts have made a shocking discovery farther north than any ship has previously gone. The team led by Arctic explorer Pen Hadow, found chunks of polystyrene waste sitting atop ice» 

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How washing your clothes harms the environment

Microbeads, but also microfibres They are called microbeads, tiny plastic beads used as abrasives in things like body scrubs, soaps, and toothpastes.  They replaced more naural products like crushed walnut shells. But it was only after years of being on» 

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IJC calls for public input into microplastics in Great Lakes

The growing concern over microplastics in the Great Lakes between Canada and the U.S.A, has attracted the attention and concern of the bi-national “International Joint Commission” (IJC). It is seeking public comment on recommendations it will soon make to Canadian» 

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Scientists search Arctic waters for microplastics

Microplastics are tiny bits of plastic that are increasingly floating in oceans and lakes around the world, and scientists are trying to find out how much might be in the Arctic. Peter Ross, director of the ocean pollution research program» 

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Microplastics in shellfish- new study

Microplastics are now showing up everywhere in oceans and lakes, and in aquatic creatures. Microplastics are tiny specs of plastic ranging in size from 5mm down to microscopic. They are either plastic beads used in some cosmetics or toothpastes as»