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Conversation with the Canadian General fighting Daesh

Canada has been with the Coalition forces to defeat Daesh in Iraq since 2014. This year Brigadier-General Daniel MacIsaac took over command of the Canadian contingent. I spoke to him from a Canadian base in Kuwait about the mission and» 

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Is Canada responsible when its arms sales are used against civilians

53 % say no Most people, including Canadians, don’t realize that Canada is a major exporter of military hardware abroad, in fact one of the top ten 10 exporters of military and defence technology in the world. In light of» 

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Pilot project gives a chance for women to experience a military career

Being a soldier, sailor, or in the air force, has seldom been thought of as a career for women. But the military is so much more than carrying a gun and facing the enemy, (although now that too is a» 

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On its 26th birthday Ukraine lobbies Ottawa and Washington for lethal defensive weapons

As Ukraine marked its 26th Independence Day with a military parade meant to showcase its growing strength and ties to the West, it also signalled that while it appreciates strong statements of support from allies like Ottawa and Washington, Kyiv» 

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Canada to extend anti-ISIS mission by 2 years

Canada is extending its military mission against ISIS by another two years, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a joint statement today. The mission will now go to March 31, 2019. The extension includes providing» 

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Military contracting: Compromising security over apparent cost savings?

Canada’s public service union and its 18,000 member defence employees union have raised concerns about federal government plans to outsource a major military maintenance contract. They are concerned about costs, security and industry influence on contracting as outlined in the» 

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Inspiring women to join the Canadian Forces: Short sessions offer a taste of military careers

Women in Force Programme The Canadian Forces are eager to increase the number of women in the military. There is a perception that women generally are intimidated by the idea of a military career so a new pilot project seeks» 

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Armed forces will restrict malaria drug mefloquine

Canadian Armed Forces personnel will no longer be offered the drug mefloquine (Lariam) as a first option to protect them from malaria. Two reports have concluded there is no conclusive evidence the drug causes permanent neurological or psychiatric adverse events.» 

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Canada takes part in massive Arctic air force drill in northern Scandinavia

The Royal Canadian Air Force has dispatched a C-130T aerial refueling tanker from Winnipeg to take part in a massive air force exercise in Northern Europe. The Arctic Challenge Exercise 2017 (ACE 17) organised by the Air Forces of Finland,» 

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With continued reductions in military spending, Canada faces NATO partners in May

Canada’s Prime Minister will be heading to Sicily in May for a meeting of the NATO allies. U.S. President Trump has made strong calls for NATO partners to fulfil their NATO defence spending obligations. Canada is among those falling behind.»