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Mega mergers in food industry: Opposition to Bayer-Monsanto deal continues

One of the biggest corporate mergers has elicited strong protest around the world. Bayer and Monsanto, already each a giant, are asking to merge into one multi-billion dollar mega corporation of pharmaceutical chemical, genetically modified seed giants. Many see the» 

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Iconic Canadian symbol-Caribou, and lovely Monarch butterfly, in danger

A science committee has raised the alarm over the future of the populations of two migratory species which are in steep decline. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) held its semi-annual meetings on species at» 

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Former Health Canada scientist against trade deals.

Canadian Shiv Chopra recently returned from the Hague where a mock international tribunal, and parallel “People’s Assembly”, were discussing if the multi-national bio-tech and chemical giant Monsanto, can be held accountable under human rights laws. Micro-biologist and veterinarian, for over» 

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Giant bio-chem merger: good for whom?

The proposed merger of two of the world’s biggest bio-tech and chemical companies has made world headlines. The merger, worth $66 billion, will see Bayer AG, involved mostly in chemicals. take over Monsanto Co. which is heavily involved in bio-technology.» 

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Canada ‘must’ review pesticides banned in Europe

It’s been a three-year legal battle but environmental groups in Canada are claiming a victory. In 2013, the groups Equiterre and The David Suzuki Foundation launched a suit saying the federal government had an obligation to review 350 pesticides and» 

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Scientists: GE foods safe, but no real advantage

Will it change anyone’s mind? Possibly not, but an influential American scientific panel has released a report saying genetically engineered (GE) food is safe to eat. However the report also says the GE crops have not lived up to their» 

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Canadian GMO soy producers, EU, and the CETA trade deal

The national association representing the soybean industry in Canada wants to know why the European Union is delaying approval of genetically modified soy products. Soy Canada sent a letter to the European Commission requesting a formal explanation for the EU» 

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International battle heats up over use of glyphosate herbicides

Glyphosate is a chemical used in a number of products, notably “Roundup” by Monsanto. It’s one of the most widely used farming herbicides in the world and has been marketed since the 1970’s. Glyphosates are also used in the forestry» 

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Canadian farmers and international campaign against G7 “New Alliance”

It was an initiative created by the then G8 countries in 2008 called the “New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.” However, dozens of advocacy and civil society groups around the world including the United Church of Canada, (UCC position)  » 

The LINK online (Sat July 12, 2014)

Your hosts once again for this edition are Lynn Desjardins and Marc Montgomery On this edition Lynn starts us off. An aerial view of the unusual flooding in Canada’s western province of Saskatchewan on July 6, 2014 is shown in»