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Outrage that stranded motorists waited 13 hours for rescue

We told you about the big storm that hit Montreal Wednesday and Thursday and that 300 motorists were stranded on a highway, but today we learned that some were in their cars for 12 or 13 hours before being rescued.» 

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Montreal is latest to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’

Montreal is the latest Canadian city to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’ for undocumented refugees, reports CBC. While the designation means these refugees will have access to local services, critics say the move is largely symbolic. The advocacy group, Solidarity» 

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Turning garbage into food -“green” and delicious

It was a bold gamble that is paying off for two Montreal women. In a small non-descript warehouse in the central Montreal borough of Hochelaga-Maissoneuve, something unique is happening. The women are creating a food item from a variety of» 


Restaurant serves those who cannot pay

A Montreal restaurant has a small sign in its window saying that people with no money are welcome to eat for free, reports CBC. The restaurant’s co-owner Yahya Hashemi is originally from Iran. He told CBC it is part of» 

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International car racing event coming to the street in Canada

The speed, the skill, the whirr of engines…Whirr? World renowned for it exciting Formula 1 races, Montreal will be the site of a new type of racing,  Formula-E, for electric. Car racing fans who know the sound of a screaming» 

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Montreal to subsidize horse-drawn carriages

A borough of Montreal has voted to provide half a million dollars in extra funding for its 24 horse-drawn carriages, called caleches. It suggests the money be spent on new waiting areas for the horses, proper training and uniforms for» 

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Montreal’s big, ugly Christmas tree

It’s Christmas, and a central attraction is always the Christmas tree, whether in the home or the city centre. It is a major symbol of the season. Indeed, In major cities across North America, a big central Christmas tree is» 

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Welcome to winter in Montreal…Oh Noooooo!!!

After an unusually warm November, today sees the first real snowfall Montreal has seen this winter, and the fun (so-to-speak) has just begun. It caught a number of motorists off guard on the relatively steep Beaver Hall Street in the» 

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Free hugs? Not in Montreal

Tommy Boucher of Montreal wants to make the world a friendlier place.  He has been offering free hugs to anyone and everyone. He got the idea from someone else giving free hugs about a year ago when he himself was» 

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Fire ravages historic cinema

Montreal police are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed an abandoned building that once was Canada’s first movie theatre. The Robillard Building was erected in 1885 and in June 1896, Louis Minier used a room in it to»