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Former police officer found guilty of violating ethics

Former police officer Stefanie Trudeau has been found guilty of violating the police ethics code of the province of Quebec. The complaint was launched by Montreal resident Julian Menezes after he was arrested in May 2012. Julian Menezes said he» 

Montreal’s Big Band Swing is back! (Actually, it never left!)

The band is called the Ballroom Blitz, and they’re a blast. In this age of electronic wizardry in recorded and performance music, Montreal’s big band provides a melodic and upbeat alternative. The music of Glenn Miller, the Dorsey’s and others» 

Economy, Science and Technology

Facebook launches artificial intelligence research lab in Montreal

Facebook has become the latest technology company to establish a foothold in Montreal to take advantage of the city’s burgeoning artificial intelligence sector, announcing the opening of a research lab in the city Friday. It is the company’s first artificial» 

History, Indigenous, Society

Montreal refashions city emblems to honour Indigenous peoples

As Montreal celebrates the 375th anniversary of its founding, municipal authorities have presented changes to the city’s flag and its coat of arms to finally acknowledge and honour the contribution of Indigenous peoples whose presence on the island predates by» 

Environment, Politics

Canada to co-host meeting on climate change action with China and EU

Environmental ministers representing Canada, China and the European Union, as well as representatives from some 30 countries will gather in Montreal later this week to move forward with the implementation of the Paris climate change agreement, according to Canada’s Minister» 

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Remembering Canadians who fought in the U.S Civil War.

Even as debate rages about monuments to historical persons with tainted pasts, a new monument is being planned in Canada which might raise some eyebrows. It’s to be erected in part by a Canadian group calling themselves “The Grays and» 

Environment, Society

Cleanup underway after severe storm with heavy winds rips through southern Quebec

A major cleanup operation is underway after severe thunderstorms and possibly a tornado ripped through southern Quebec, Montreal and the Laurentian region on Tuesday. There were no serious injuries reported as a result of the storm, which produced winds of» 

Arts and Entertainment, Lifestyle

Montreal’s International Tango Festival kicks off 15th edition

The sounds and passion of Argentinian tango are set to add some extra zing to Montreal’s busy festival season as the city gets ready to celebrate the 15th edition of the Festival International de Tango de Montréal on Wednesday. Sylvi» 

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E-race arrives in Canada.

Electric racing is coming to Canada. The Formula E series hits Montreal this weekend. Although Montreal has a world class Formula 1 race track, the E race will be run on city streets in the eastern end of downtown. Traffic» 


Mother stabbed, baby born but later dies

Police have arrested the partner of a pregnant woman who was stabbed repeatedly early Monday in Montreal. The woman is expected to survive but her baby was delivered by C-section and subsequently died. Besides facing charges in the attack on»