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Montreal rings in 375th birthday with church bells and multimillion light show

Church bells rang out across Montreal this morning as the city founded by Catholic zealots 375 years ago celebrated its birthday with a tribute to its French and Indigenous beginnings. Montreal was founded on this day in 1642, by French soldier Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve,» 

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World Health Summit in Montreal focuses on Indigenous and migrant health issues

Some of the world’s top minds in global health and health care delivery have gathered in Montreal this week for an international summit that will focus on the challenges of providing healthcare in increasingly pluralistic societies such as the one» 

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Hundreds of homes threatened as flood waters continue to rise in Quebec

Residents of low-lying areas of Quebec braced for more flooding today after heavy rains caused several rivers and streams to burst their banks turning quiet residential streets into silt-filled ponds and lakes. About 100 Quebec municipalities are affected by flooding, including the Outaouais,» 

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Toronto subway air quality: as bad as Beijing

A study of the three metropolitan subway systems in Canada’s three major cities shows some surprising results. The systems were tested in Vancouver on the west coast, and in Toronto and Montreal in central Canada. The findings were published in» 


Outrage that stranded motorists waited 13 hours for rescue

We told you about the big storm that hit Montreal Wednesday and Thursday and that 300 motorists were stranded on a highway, but today we learned that some were in their cars for 12 or 13 hours before being rescued.» 

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Montreal is latest to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’

Montreal is the latest Canadian city to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’ for undocumented refugees, reports CBC. While the designation means these refugees will have access to local services, critics say the move is largely symbolic. The advocacy group, Solidarity» 

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Turning garbage into food -“green” and delicious

It was a bold gamble that is paying off for two Montreal women. In a small non-descript warehouse in the central Montreal borough of Hochelaga-Maissoneuve, something unique is happening. The women are creating a food item from a variety of» 


Restaurant serves those who cannot pay

A Montreal restaurant has a small sign in its window saying that people with no money are welcome to eat for free, reports CBC. The restaurant’s co-owner Yahya Hashemi is originally from Iran. He told CBC it is part of» 

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International car racing event coming to the street in Canada

The speed, the skill, the whirr of engines…Whirr? World renowned for it exciting Formula 1 races, Montreal will be the site of a new type of racing,  Formula-E, for electric. Car racing fans who know the sound of a screaming» 

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Montreal to subsidize horse-drawn carriages

A borough of Montreal has voted to provide half a million dollars in extra funding for its 24 horse-drawn carriages, called caleches. It suggests the money be spent on new waiting areas for the horses, proper training and uniforms for»