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Montreal’s International Tango Festival kicks off 15th edition

The sounds and passion of Argentinian tango are set to add some extra zing to Montreal’s busy festival season as the city gets ready to celebrate the 15th edition of the Festival International de Tango de Montréal on Wednesday. Sylvi» 

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E-race arrives in Canada.

Electric racing is coming to Canada. The Formula E series hits Montreal this weekend. Although Montreal has a world class Formula 1 race track, the E race will be run on city streets in the eastern end of downtown. Traffic» 


Mother stabbed, baby born but later dies

Police have arrested the partner of a pregnant woman who was stabbed repeatedly early Monday in Montreal. The woman is expected to survive but her baby was delivered by C-section and subsequently died. Besides facing charges in the attack on» 

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Site of historical Parliament open to public

A Montreal museum is extending a major archeological dig and inviting the public to come and learn about the site of Canada’s first Parliament. In the 1800s, what is now Canada was still a colony of Britain and was ruled by» 

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Two centuries of brewing history in Montreal: major change

Some 231 years ago, a young English immigrant arrived in the growing British colonial town of Montreal. With boatloads of other immigrants arriving from the British Isles, John Molson, saw a market for beer and set up the Molson’s brewery» 


Shocking case of surgical forgetfulness

(original Radio-Canada/CBC report links at bottom) Montrealer Sylvie Dubé was experiencing abdominal problems and swelling last year. When she finally went to her doctor, the verdict was ovarian cancer. First came chemotherapy, but that was followed by a hysterectomy on» 

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Police raid Montreal apartment in connection with ‘terrorist incident’ in Michigan

Canadian police descended upon in an apartment in eastern Montreal in relation to a knife attack on a police officer at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Mich., Radio-Canada is reporting. The operation targeted an apartment on Bélair Street in the city’s St-Michel» 

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Formula 1 comes to Canada: hopes for Canadian driver

The circus is in town The crowds have come to downtown Montreal for this year’s Canadian Grand Prix. The bars are full and some streets have been closed off for F1 related events. Many are also watching for sights of» 

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The FI circus comes to Canada- crowds, money, and prostitution

Some sex trade workers and activists say that when the F1 Grand Prix comes to town, the demand for sex workers goes up, a lot. Many of the activist groups denounce the race for the increase in prostitution and human» 


Barack Obama to address sold-out Montreal crowd of more than 6,000

Former U.S. president Barack Obama will be in Montreal today to deliver a keynote speech to a sold-out crowd of more than 6,000 at the city’s convention centre. It will be his first visit to Canada since he left the»